Bridal jewellery in gold – How to find the right accessories

The matching updo has been found, the veil is just the right length and the wedding dress fits like a glove – now all that’s missing is the matching bridal jewellery. Bridal jewellery in gold is the absolute all-time favourite and has never lost any of its shine. The material has always fascinated mankind and still stands today as a symbol of security and lasting value. The advantage of choosing your bridal jewellery in gold, is the versatility in the colour expression thanks to the different alloys – so you can find exactly the right shade of gold for the colour of the wedding dress. Also, the combination of different shades of gold here opens up more possibilities for you to further customize the style on your big day. So you will find the right jewellery for every dress, whether classic yellow gold, puristic white gold or delicate rose gold.

Which bridal jewellery goes with which dress?

Generally, the rule here is that you should match the jewelry not only to the dress, but also to your personality. It should underline your individual type and be either simple, modern or extravagant. Stay on one line here and do not wildly combine different designs. Playful jewellery, for example, calls for a correspondingly playful dress that has been made with great attention to detail, while simple, elegant patterns are only compatible with purist jewellery. A more daring wedding dress may be combined with romantic and bold bridal jewellery, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

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Bridal jewellery: How much is too much?

Lush gold bridal necklaces should only adorn wide and deep necklines, while fancy, sweeping headdresses are particularly effective for small necklines, where restraint is the order of the day for necklaces. Bridal jewellery in gold should generally only be worn if the wedding rings have also been chosen in gold. In general: no matter if simple medallion, shiny diamond pendant from Swarovski, or noble pearl necklace: golden bridal jewellery should always be a selected eye-catcher and should be used sparingly, otherwise the individual pieces will lose their effect as eye-catchers and the whole look will quickly look overloaded.

Straighten the crown: set effective accents with a golden tiara

Especially glamorous accents can be set with the matching headdress. Diadems and tiaras in gold make every bride look like a little princess and in principle go with every hairstyle – whether pinned up or worn open. In any case, it gives them that certain fairytale something. Tall women basically have the free choice here, while shorter ladies should choose a tiara that is not too high if they want to achieve a pleasant appearance, even if it can make them look taller in individual cases.

Regardless of these clues, however, the rule of thumb is always: wear what you feel comfortable in. After all, YOU are the main person on this day.

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