Care tips for bronze jewellery

Pieces of jewellery made of bronze are becoming more and more popular. Who wants to enjoy these fancy pieces as long as possible, should follow some care instructions. First of all, a quick look at the material itself. Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper. There are no specifications for the composition, but it is usually a mixture of 90% copper and 10% tin – this ratio also causes the golden color of bronze jewelry.

How does my bronze jewellery keep its original shine? And how do I avoid or remove the greenish patina?

The high copper content is responsible for the fact that the so-called verdigris is formed over time by acetic acid. However, the amount depends on the person as well as the body part on which the jewelry is worn, because mostly aggressive sweat secretion is responsible. This is even relatively often the case and is comparable to the black discoloration of silver. This is not harmful – however, it makes a rather unattractive and “neglected” impression with jewellery. Again and again it is propagated here that one should rub the bronze jew ellery with acetic or citric acid. Since the acetic acid is the actual trigger, you should never treat the jewelry with an acid, otherwise you will have a counterproductive effect (unless you explicitly want the “shabby” look that this creates).

So what can be done?

As a rule, a standard silver cleaning cloth is sufficient to restore the natural shine of the bronze jewellery. The occasional rubbing with natural Vaseline can also help. NEVER use other cosmetics that are not intended for this purpose, such as aftershave lotions or creams, to clean your bronze jewellery! Often, the initial effect is deceptive – you are thrilled with the initial effect, but only notice over time that the surface is attacked and you have to clean more and more frequently. Use simple dishwashing and soap suds instead.

Furthermore, there are also specially designed shine sprays, polishing agents and small brass brushes in the trade. The simplest and mildest care is the regular wiping with a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth.

Further cleaning of bronze jewelry depends on whether the pieces have been given a finish of lacquer, for example. Many jewellery manufacturers do not use this, so it is important that you never expose the jewellery to wetness or moisture, and consistently remove it when showering, and also do not store it in the bathroom.

If you follow these simple instructions for cleaning bronze jewellery, you are sure to enjoy your jewellery for a long time to come without losing any of its incomparable appearance!

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