Luxury meets Used – Bronze Watches in Trend

Who doesn’t know them, the used looking jeans, the worn shoes or old tattered leather belts. What looks old and shabby on the outside, nowadays often has quality of the highest level on the inside. Watchmakers have also taken advantage of this trend and for some years now have been using bronze more and more frequently as a material for making watches with a shabby look. The dial and leather strap appear as if they have been through a lot, but conceal the most sophisticated technology inside.

Used is the new chic – Bronze watches as unique one-of-a-kinds

Used is the new chic, and not just since the rise of the steampunk and vintage epoch. A bronze watch is usually unusual and also changes its appearance with aging, as it often begins to patina due to oxidation of the metal – this is very much appreciated by enthusiasts. This gives it the popular used or shabby look. Therefore, it usually does not require any special care, unless you want to preserve the natural shine of the metal. Apart from the fact that the patina makes the watch an absolute eye-catcher, there is also the advantage that the oxidized copper layer protects the underlying material from corrosion, while the properties do not change. The piece of jewellery merely becomes unmistakable and unique.

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The history of the bronze watch

The metal bronze looks back on a long history. The mixture of copper and tin is considered the first alloy produced by man. Since the manufacturer Panerai launched a legendary bronze watch about 3 years ago, it has been considered a fashion highlight. Both the manufacturer and the wearer can benefit from the numerous outstanding properties of the metal. Compared to stainless steel, it is somewhat more brittle and about ten percent heavier, but it is elastic, wear-resistant and anti-magnetic.

Outstanding manufacturers of bronze watches include Panerai, Archimede, Bulgari and Anonimo. If you want to set eye-catching fashion accents, you can combine your bronze watch with jewellery made of platinum, gold or stainless steel and thus create a very special aura. The chic precious metal pieces in combination with the martial-looking bronze create a biting contrast, are guaranteed to cause a stir and appeal to all kinds of stylish individualists.

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