Jacquemus: Career, collections, mini handbags & hats

Jacquemus – The young label Jacquemus under the creative direction of founder Simon Porte Jacquemus hits the current style perfectly and takes over the fashion world by storm. Supermodels like Bella and Gigi Hadid such as many others support the brand and present the designs on the catwalk.

Simon Porte Jacquemus: Interests, Instagram and Book

“Je m’appelle Simon Porte Jacquemus, j’aime le bleu et le blanc, les rayures, le soleil, les fruits, la vie, la poesie, Marseille et les années 80s.”

“My name is Simon Porte Jacquemus, I like the colours blue and white, stripes, the sun, fruits, life, poetry, Marseille and the eighties” This is how Jacquemus presents himself in his Instagram-Bio. On Instagram the young designer shares not only the latest creations of his label, but also his photography and excerpts from his private life.

Jacquemus, Jackmu, Jacmus?: The correct pronunciation of the name

Simon Porte Jacquemus, at 30 years of age, is already an integral part of contemporary fashion. The collections of the native southern Frenchman are characterised by light fabrics, bright colours and often inspired by sun and fresh marine air. Despite his love for his home in the Provence, he completed his fashion design studies in Paris.

In his shows, Jacquemus tries to capture the essence of places, but recounts stories and memories from his past. He is certain of one thing: image is important. Social media and blogs dominate the fashion world, so he tries to use this fact in his favour.

In the beginning he cleverly promoted his designs by letting friends wear them during a popular shopping night in Paris. People’s interest had been raised so much so that he presented his first collection at the Paris Fashion Week at the young age of 22.

One obstacle remains: Jacquemus, the maiden name of his late mother and a traditional French name causes problems for many when it comes to pronouncing it. Remedy can be found on Youtube.

More than just fashion: photography and book by the designer

On his Instagram profile Jacquemus shares insights into his hobby of photography in addition to his fashion collections. The imagery often is from the everyday life of the designer. Friends, everyday objects with interesting shapes, architecture: everything that appeals to him is skilfully staged and captured. He published the aesthetic photographs in a book, which he designed together with 14 other artists. The book with the title ‘Marseille je t’aime ‘ (I love you Marseille) is available in the labels online store.

Jacquemus Collections: Blouses, dresses and menswear

From elegantly draped tops and dresses from the women’s collection to interestingly printed shirts and casual fabric pants from the men’s collections, Jacquemus offers clothing for every taste. The most popular designs and iconic catwalk moments are summarized below.

Fashion show: SS18 “La Bomba”: huge hats, miniature bags and the shirt ‘Bahia’

In his collection for spring and summer 2018 Jacquemus showed his ability to work with colours. Shoes inspired by interior design and hats with gigantic brims are what catches the eye. ‘Le chiquito’ the famous mini bag of the label is included as well. Jacquemus not only presented his collection on the catwalk, but also created a short film for social networks in a creative way.

A popular design of this collection is the smart draped blouse ‘Bahia’, which is also available as a dress and with its low neckline and flattering cut an absolute eye-catcher.

Fashion show: SS19 Ready-to-Wear and Menswear, Bucket Hats and Open Shirts

Jacquemus himself said in an interview with ‘Vogue’ about this collection:

“You don’t know if they go to the beach or to the nightclub”

Light dresses and eye-catching bags were sent on the catwalk. The designs make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin just by watching and it almost seems as if you could smell the sun cream.

This season’s menswear collection is characterized by open shirts with geometric and floral fabrics, which are cleverly paired with bucket hats and shoulder bags. Even the stripes, oh so beloved by Jacquemus, have found their place.

Nevertheless, the focus of the collections remains on the women’s section of the brand.

Fashion show FW20 “l’anneé 97”: Gigi Hadid’s hair flip steals the show

This show was inspired by Jacquemus’ first attempts in fashion design. According to a statement by himself, in 1997 when he was only seven years old, he made a skirt out of a curtain for his mother. Accordingly, the colours were muted and one or the other knitted piece mixed in with the looks, like the popular crop cardigan ‘Valerie’. Nevertheless, a lot of skin was to be seen, as always.

Among the featured models were Bella and Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid presented one of the main looks of the show, which she underlined with a clever flip of her hair over her shoulder.  This moment was often shared on Instagram and brought additional media attention to the show. Also, up-and-coming plus-size model Jill Kortleve walked the catwalk, bringing Jacquemus into the movement of designers increasingly looking after bringing different facets of inclusiveness into their shows.

How much ist Gigi Hadid’s Runway Outfit?

We have already mentioned Gigi Hadid’s catwalk during the show ‘l’année 97’ (spoken: l’année quatre-vingt-dix-sept). But how much does the outfit cost in total? We tried to answer this question.

Gigi’s dress, shoes and accessories by Jacquemus

The prices are based on the prices of the official Jacquemus website. Correspondingly, there may be discrepancies with the prices of other providers.

4 parts, 1 look

  • The dress ‘La robe saudade longue’ (675€)
  • The shoes ‘Les sandales Valerie hautes’ (675€)
  • The bag ‘Le petit bambino’ (350€)
  • The earrings ‘Le créoles rondes’ (370€)

So, if you want to create Gigi’s Runway Look you can get it for the price of 3.700€. The pieces are mainly made of natural materials. Especially the linen and cotton dress is representative for the theme of the collection.

Mini leather handbags for your grand entrance

The undisputed star of every Jacquemus collection is the mini handbag ‘le chiquito’. But the label has many more accessories to offer, from jewellery to sunglasses to headwear. The love at Jacquemus’ relly is in the detail and so the accessories are often more unusual, from jewelry inspired by a pasta shapes to special shoe heels.

le chiquito’: size and what fits into it

You see it repeatedly in the collections, but what fits into such a tiny bag anyway? The classic le chiquito handbag is about the size of a credit card holder, but it is deeper so you can fit a little more in it. Lipsticks and banknotes also find their place. If you hope to store your smartphone, the standard version will be a little tight. The dimensions of the bag variations are as follows:

  • Le chiquito: 12 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm
  • Le chiquito moyen: 18cm x 12 cm x 8cm
  • Le chiquito long: 22cm x 11cm x 6cm
  • Le grand chiquito: 24cm x 18cm x 9cm
  • Le petit chiquito: 5cm x 4,5cm x 2cm

The standard version therefore is too small to accommodate a smartphone, for example the Iphone 10 has a height of over 14 cm. Nevertheless, the bag is an eye-catcher and if you want to make sure that your cell phone is well stored in the bag, you can choose one of the other sizes when you buy it. In looks, le chiquito long stands out from the crowd. The remaining variations mainly differ in terms of dimensions.

The unusually small versions in which the bag is offered have contributed significantly to the attention the brand has received. That’s why the smaller versions are so special.

Bag Le bambino comes in smooth and suede leather

Whether white, black or in color: Le bambino with its simple elegance is perfect in everyday life and in the evening. Le bambino is also available in different size variations:

  • Le bambino: 23,5cm x 13cm x 6cm
  • Le grand bambino: 27cm x 13cm x 8cm
  • Le petit bambino: 11cm x 7cm x 5cm

So, if we stick to the Iphone 10 with the size comparison, the standard version of the case offers enough space for just that. Only le petit bambino is a bit too small to fit in. But if you want to be on the safe side, look on the internet for the measurements of your own smartphone. Maybe you even know them, or you just measure it to find out which one is suitable for your purposes.

Sunglasses from past collections

Sunglasses are also part of the designer’s range. These come in angular designs and different colour variations. From striking to simple, many tastes are satisfied. It is certain that the models stand out from the crowd.

The popular les lunettes yauco sunglasses: colors and patterns

Les lunettes yauco from the designer’s Le coup de soleil collection combine different colors and patterns. We present you the variations in which they are available.

  • pink lenses with acetate frame with tortoise shell pattern
  • grey lenses with blue, green, yellow striped acetate frames
  • grey lenses with blue, petrol, brown striped acetate frame
  • grey lenses with acetate frame with tortoise shell pattern with yellow stripes

The variety of designs helps this design to become popular. Especially since the more muted colors are broken up here and exciting patterns are mixed among the designs.

Les lunettes soleil: red sunglasses as eye-catcher

Les lunettes soleil are currently only available in red. The wide, striking frame is combined with pink lenses. So, you can literally see everything through the rose-red coloured glasses.

All Jacquemus sunglasses have a UV 400 sun protection, so that your eyes are shielded from the sun.

Men’s hats and straw hats for the beach and in the city

The designer’s hats are available mainly in the muted colours for which he is known. Simon Jacquemus himself can often be seen sporting the hats on his Instagram account. They are also perfect for upgrading a casual everyday look. However, the collections often present more exciting hats than those that can be found permanently on the website. So, there is no boredom in the hat department.

Bucket Hats and co.

Bucket Hats are no longer a fashion secret and both women and men cleverly incorporate them into their outfits. Jacquemus offers the hat model under the name le bob in different styles.

  • Le bob Jacquemus: Wool hat for men with embroidered logo
  • Le bob gadjo: White hat made of wool
  • Le bob bellu: Bucket Hat in cord and cotton
  • Le bob doudoune: lined bucket hat with brass logo
  • Le bob froiseé: Cotton bucket hat in wrinkled look
  • Le bob quadri: beige bucket hat with white square embroidery

Jacquemus certainly offers a wide selection of unique men’s hats with a focus on bucket hat models.

Le grand chapeau: huge ladies straw hat from the ‘La bomba’ collection

With the ladies hat le grand chapeau you attract everyone’s attention. The hat with a remarkable brim of 53cm not only protects the head and neck, but also shoulders and back from the sun. You can see exactly what this looks like on the catwalk of the La Bomba collection for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.


Shoes: Sandals and boots made of luxurious materials

The designer also has a selection of women’s and men’s shoes to offer. The much sought-after models range from pumps to sandals and boots.

Les sandales Valerie variations: From white to pink

Les sandales Valerie were presented on the catwalk in the designer’s FW20 show mentioned above and, as so often at Jacquemus, are not only available in one version:

  • Les sandales Valerie: with short straps and a heel of 3cm
  • Les sandales Valerie hautes: long ankle straps and a fancy 10,5cm heel

There is also a slingback-pump version with the same heel that makes the sandals Valeries stand out.

The shoes spread like wildfire on the internet after the presentation of the ‘L’anneé 97’ collection, probably thanks to the iconic appearance of Gigi Hadid, who wore the tall version of the sandals. With this design, Jacquemus remained true to the motto of natural materials by choosing leather and fabric as upper materials. The heel is also made of coated wood.

Suede shoes for fashion-conscious men

The brand’s shoes are often classic designs that are remotely reminiscent of shoes like Timberland Boots. They fit perfectly into the streetwear line and with their high-quality materials they are great for casual everyday looks.

  • Les chaussures Garrigues: suede boots with a cotton-polyester lining
  • Les baskets: Simple sneakers with suede applications

The particularly simple designs allow a wide variety of combinations. But if you are not quite comfortable with Jacquemus shoes yet, that’s no problem either. We have summarised sneaker trends for you so that you will find the perfect shoe for you.

Interview with Simon Porte Jacquemus about Fashion, love and design

The face behind the successful brand is Simon Porte Jacquemus, the name bearer of the label. In this video, the fashion house’s chief designer talks about his collections, his profession, his inspirations and what he likes most about his job. Inspiring and exciting he lets the audience in on different aspects of his life and thoughts as a world-famous designer.

Buy Jacquemus in the shop

If you’ve really got the urge to buy Jacquemus collections in the shop, you can find out where and how to do it here. Because the designs are not always easy to find in shops.

Jacquemus shops near you?

Get ready for some disappointment if you don’t live in France. Outside Paris and France, Jacquemus is hard find in shops. Occasionally some boutiques carry Jacquemus. So, if you find a boutique that supposedly carries Jacquemus, it’s best to call the shop in advance to make sure you won’t be disappointed. Of course, independent boutiques can still offer a selection of other labels to suit your taste.