Wedding rings – material and design

Even during Caesar’s lifetime, wedding couples put a ring on each other’s finger with the words “You have my love pledge“. The wedding rings should accompany a couple for the rest of their lives after they have said “I do”. It is not for nothing that they have a circular shape: they represent a continuum and never-ending mutual love. Therefore, it is of particular importance that the wedding rings are made of resistant and durable material, which is also comfortable to wear on the skin for many years. As a rule, popular metals such as silver and gold are used, but also platinum and – especially in recent times more frequently in demand – also palladium. These precious metals retain their shine for a long time, do not rust and are also often hypoallergenic.

Gold still the most popular wedding ring material

The most popular wedding ring material is still gold. Due to its different alloys and mixtures with other metals, numerous brightness and color variations are created, so there are many possibilities for the design of the wedding ring. From the classic golden yellow hue to red gold and rose gold to green gold, white gold and grey gold, there are numerous variations.

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However, the most durable and high-quality of the precious metals is platinum. It does not darken even after many years, does not tarnish and has no abrasion due to its hardness. Therefore, diamonds can also be enclosed very well in such wedding rings. Furthermore, platinum has the natural property that it has a white color, which is perceived by many as more elegant.

Another wedding ring material that has seen an increase in demand in recent years is palladium, which is one of the platinum metals. This is a good alternative to platinum, as it has a similar look due to its light grey colour, but is much cheaper and also lighter.

New trend: double layer wedding rings

A brand new trend is also to make rings from two superimposed layers, usually a mixture of silver and palladium. Thanks to the lower silver layer, this nestles comfortably against the skin and offers a high level of wearing comfort, while the upper part has been processed in a high-quality and stable manner and can hardly be distinguished visually from pure platinum.

The decision about which material the wedding rings should ultimately be made of should always be made by the couple together, as the wedding rings should still meet their fashion and emotional requirements even after many years.

Those looking for something special also have the option of designing their own wedding rings down to the last detail in online shops like From the ring profile, width and height, alloys, surface and ring width to optional diamonds and the final engraving, you can determine all the details yourself.