Jewellery designer Gabriele Frantzen from Munich

Jewellery designer Gabriele Frantzen founded her own labal in 2009. Since then she creates special jewelry for the individual woman. I talked to Gabriele about her collections and her work as a jewellery designer in Munich.

Gabriele about her jewellery creations

FIV: Gabriele, when and how did you get into jewelry design? When did you start your own label?

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2009 was the beginning of my own collection. I couldn’t find anything that excited me at the time. I started my own label and soon opened a small showroom in New York as well.

FIV: What exactly do you design and what materials do you use?

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, bag charms, belts… in metal, Swarovski Elements, vintage finds, glass beads, fur, rep ribbon, silk.

FIV: Do you do everything yourself or do you have a team with “helping hands”?

I always do the first draft myself, natural I have “helping hands!”

FIV: And what is particularly important in your designs? What do you pay attention to?

The designs are timeless, individual, feminine and edgy at the same time.

FIV: What kind of woman or man wears your jewelry?

My woman of today is individual, feminine and edgy.

Gabriele Frantzen: Her everyday work in Munich

FIV: To what extent does Munich inspire you as a fashion city?

I find my inspiration in travel, movies, theater, art, and the streets, wherever.

FIV: How did you manage to get started in a city like Munich?

Good friends like Johnny and Adrian from Talbot & Runhof believed in my label from the beginning.

FIV: What does a normal day at work look like for you? What exactly do you do?

There is no such thing as normal. There are office days with hundreds of emails and things that need to be done. There are design days that I spend with all my “ingredients” and work on designs until late at night. And there are “glamorous days”, like photo shoots, fashion events, trade shows. That’s why I love my job: there is no such thing as normal.

Gabriele about jewellery trends

FIV: What piece of jewelry should no one be without in 2015?

My lasso necklace and my candy bracelets.

FIV: What collections can we expect from you in the future?

The new focus is the waist and the wrist – be curious what you can expect in belts and bracelets.

FIV: Where can we admire and buy your jewelry?

At Engelhorn, Apropos, Konen or KADEWE.

FIV: Thank you very much for the interview Gabriele!

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