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Thomas Sabo, jewelry, watches, bracelet, necklace, fashion, silver jewelry

If you are still missing that certain something for your outfit, Thomas Sabo is the right choice. The jewelry collections and accessories, especially watches of the designer give every outfit a certain elegance. Whether bracelets, watches or sunglasses: Here everyone will find something striking or even simple. Also worth seeing are the collections that have been created in cooperation with Rita Ora or David Garrett, for example. Those who like it personal and individual are also at the right address here.

Thomas Sabo – The man behind the brand

Thomas Sabo has been active in the silver jewelry market for quite some time, as he founded his own label of the same name in 1984. An Ear Cuff brings Thomas Sabo forward at that time. Already since 1992 at his side: Susanne Kölbli, the chief designer. Today she is Creative Director in the company. In 1998 Thomas Sabo succeeded: The first store was opened in Frankfurt. Together with his wife, he also manages charity projects. The “THOMAS SABO Foundation” has been in existence since 2007 and supports children from disadvantaged families. Thomas Sabo is interested in sports and music, but also enjoys spending time with his family. The Austrian has two sons.

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Thomas Sabo o’Clock

From rose gold to silver to gold: the choice of watches is vast. A dial in green or in turquoise, here no wishes remain unfulfilled. Thomas Sabo watches are available not only for women, but also for men.

The sunglasses collection for a radiant 2020

This year, Thomas Sabo’s sunglasses are intended to remind us of retro. Round, but also only slightly rounded glasses are available at Sabo. Whether for sunbathing on the beach or shopping in the city: the sunglasses adapt to every undertaking. There are stylish glasses chains to match, which make the look casual.

Thomas Sabo for Women

Whether fancy, classic or simple: Thomas Sabo has a wide range of jewelry. Fashionable people will find here among other things a striking ring in the shape of a snake. For women who prefer a more reserved look, there are some basics that can be combined well.

Thomas Sabo for Men

The collections of Thomas Sabo are not only interesting for women. Men also find what they are looking for here and can also equip themselves with watches or bracelets. Wearable elegance for men can be found as a bracelet, for example one in 925 sterling silver. Certainly also suitable as a Christmas gift.

Cooperation with Rita Ora

You don’t have to be a magician to wear the extraordinary pieces of the “Magic Garden” collaboration between Thomas Sabo and Rita Ora. Because the pieces of the collections enchant by themselves. In Spring/Summer 2020, for example, there will be colorful and playful pendants in the shape of a hummingbird or a kaleidoscope. Fans of rings will also find a colorful selection here. The singer has been the testimonial for Thomas Sabo since 2019. You can get an impression of the collection here:

New in: Cooperation with David Garrett

Even fashion-conscious men are not neglected here. The brand new “Rebel at Heart” collection in cooperation with David Garrett is one thing above all: striking. Whether necklaces or rings, the designs are extraordinary and anything but basic. For this, blackened 925 sterling silver was chosen. The necklace pendant with the sword or the ring in the shape of a knight’s helmet: both provide a contrast to the image of a violinist.

Gifts for star sign scorpio & Co.

Some believe in zodiac signs, others do not. For those who like to deal with them, there are also matching jewelry. So every outfit becomes more personal and your counterpart will immediately have a more detailed impression of you. And if the other person is also interested, the ice is broken and a first topic of conversation is found – super practical. Matching birthstones are also available on top. And the best thing is that you can give them to anyone as a gift, because there’s a stone for every month.

Personalized jewelry

If you like it personal and want to make your loved ones happy, you can also have jewelry engraved by Thomas Sabo. Thus a necklace becomes unique and is difficult to confuse. A great gift, for example, to immortalize anniversaries in a necklace.