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About You – About You is probably one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Europe. The company’s goal: to digitize traditional shopping and create a personal shopping experience on the smartphone or laptop. The customer has the opportunity to choose from over 1,000 brands and be infected by the unique fashion. The label focuses strongly on personalization in order to create a close customer relationship. The store also manages to organize its own events, such as the About You Awards or the About You Fashion Week.

About You: The Brand

About You is a successful fashion company based in Hamburg, Germany. The label sells its fashion exclusively in the online store, but still manages to create a classic shopping experience like on the streets. Just a few years ago, clothes could only be shopped on the old-fashioned streets or shopping malls. About You’s vision was to create the first online destination where you can discover fashion and be inspired by products that match your personal style.

The label wanted to produce the ordinary shopping trip to the Internet. The goal of About You Fashion Player number one in Europe to become. A motto “We are faster than the others”. They work quickly and, above all, efficiently within deadlines and prefer to implement ten small ideas quickly instead of spending a lot of time on a perfect one.

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The most important summarized

  • Headquarters in Hamburg
  • Real shopping experience online
  • Inspiration for personal style
  • Goal: To become the number 1 fashion player in Europe
  • Fast, efficient work

The story of a billion dollar company

The online store About You has been active in Germany since May 5, 2014. The company was created as part of the Collins e-commerce project, which was launched by the Otto Group in 2013. The group invested a three-digit million amount for this, but as we know today, it paid off. In the next four years, About You already went online in some neighboring countries.

In 2016, the investment company SevenVentures and the corporate advisor German Media Pool took a minority stake in the company. After all, investors valued it at 320 million just 3 years after it was founded. Since 2017, however, the money has not only been flowing in through fashion. Because they now also offer their e-commerce infrastructure as a licensed product for other online retailers under the name SCAYLE. After the Danish Heartland A/S also acquired a 29% stake in the company, the value of About You rose to one billion. In the following years, the online store managed to go online and establish itself in countries all over Europe.

The most important summarized again

  • Active in Germany since 2014
  • Founded as part of the Collins e-commerce project
  • Investments in the three-digit million range
  • Rising valuations: now at around one billion
  • E-commerce infrastructure we sell as a licensed product

Individuality and style models

Through the individualization of the online store and the given style models, About You is able to inspire many people, which is the reason for its great success. The brand creates numerous style models with well-known stars, bloggers and influencers. In lookbooks, they present their favorite styles, almost like on Instagram. Items of clothing displayed there link to the corresponding item in the online store. As already mentioned, the fashion label relies heavily on individualization. The store logo transforms into a personal logo, such as “About Lena” or “About Tim,” as soon as the user logs in. At About You, every user can store styling preferences, as well as follow brands, friends and influencers. This makes it possible for About You to customize the feed.


LeGer by Lena Gercke

An example of the style role model is represented by Lena Gercke. Lena Gercke, a true multi-talent. She not only cuts a fine figure as a presenter and model, but is also a top star in the sky as a designer. In cooperation with About You, she designs dreamlike pieces that are one thing above all: Timeless!

Celebrity Collaborations: Lookbook or collection

In order to offer customers a large portfolio of style role models, About You handles numerous collaborations with celebrities from various fields, so that everyone can find their personal role model.

Smiles: Collection with Cro

In December 2021 About You launched the first collection with Cro, one of the biggest and most famous artists in Germany. A unisex collection was launched and the central element of the collection is a design element created by Cro himself. All pieces and styles create their own Cro world and have the potential to become real collectibles.

Millane x About You: The first collections

Together with one of Germany’s most successful fashion influencers, Millane, About You created her own collection, which especially brought great joy to her followers. With her attention to detail and casual style, Millane inspires more than 1 million followers on TikTok or even Instagram every day and stands out with her positivity. Now you don’t have to look far to find clothes as cool as Millane’s. You just go to About You and now you can find it in her own collection.


Nike x Stefanie Giesinger

Under the motto “Back to Fitness,” Nike ‘s creative campaign motivates the target group of young women in digital channels to make sport a daily habit. It aims to show women new ways to keep rising to challenges, become more active, and integrate sports as a fixed part of everyday life. Through a new format, women can go through a digital workout together with Stefanie Giesinger and Nike trainer Nada Ivanovic. Among other things, there was also one of 15 private training places to be won. The campaign focuses entirely on the theme of empowerment and is thus intended to inspire and motivate the entire community to be more active in sports. With the combination of a strong, value-driven storyline and a media plan for digital formats, About You is once again positioning itself as a full service in its collaboration with Nike.

Shyx: Kayla Shyx exclusively for About You

With Kayla Shyx, also an influencer on YouTue, TikTok and Instagram, About You enchants customers and her followers. With the collections Kayla reflects her typical grungy Y2K style, which is characterized by feminine cuts and elaborate prints. She also got to showcase herself and her collection at an About You Fashion Week. You can watch the Shyx Fashion Show again here.

About You Fashion Week

About You now also organizes its own Fashion Week, with which they were already in Berlin in 2022 and in Milan for the first time. Fashion shows of various well-known brands or collaborations take place at AYFW. For example, LeGer by Lena Gercke, Leni Klum x About You or Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Here you can watch the About You Opening Show from Milan.

All info about the AYFW and more videos, as well as impressions you can find here:

Q&A: The three final questions

What’s so special about About You?

At the fashion company About You, the name says it all: with personalized shopping experiences and a selection of over 1,000 brands in the store, the virtual shopping spree is designed entirely according to the customer’s preferences and wishes.

Who is behind About You?

About You was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of the Otto Group, which is one of the world’s largest online retailers with online sales of 8.1 billion euros, and is now part of the group’s portfolio, which remains the largest shareholder.

How does About You make money?

About You earns money not only from fashion, but also from the sale of its store technology. In November 2021, About You Holding had bundled the store technology into a new brand: Scayle.