Trend Guide – Red bags and how to combine them

Who wants to be in the trend wears red. The bright color can be seen everywhere this year, whether with celebrities, bloggers or on the street. The striking color has become suitable for everyday life and integrates itself into our wardrobes. But how do you style such a bright color and what really goes with it?

Red, red, red, – the trend color of the year

The color red has been at its peak this year and even at the end of the year it is still very big. Whether bags, shoes, sweaters, coats or pants. The color is everywhere and everyone wears it. Such a bright color is daring and not everyone dares to wear it, because to combine them is not always easy. I show you now 2 different styles with bags in the trend color!

Look 1 – Elegant with eye catcher

The design of the bag is kept rather elegant and simple (apart from the color). I find to a bright color you should rather combine subtle tones and not dress from head to toe as a colorful canary. My choice therefore falls on beige, white and black.

Because of the cold season I style my first red bag with a warm sweater and a coat. Sweaters are the basic in winter and can be worn with almost everything. The beige color and the turtleneck make it look elegant. I combine it with a white coat that complements the sweater perfectly with its cut.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Simple black pants and boots complete the look. Despite the bright color, the outfit is suitable for everyday wear, even for the office or university.

Look 2 – à la Parisienne

The black and white horizontal stripes are a classic Parisian women’s trademark. I’m wearing this as a sweater with trumpet sleeves. My red bag is rather sporty, but complements the otherwise elegant look perfectly as an it-piece.

Here, too, I have chosen only subtle colors, so as not to make the outfit look too cluttered. In addition, I combine black pants and elegant boots that round off the outfit.

This outfit is also perfect for everyday wear and can be complemented with a coat in wind and weather.

I hope you liked my two looks and I could inspire you to your own great looks with the trend color red. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me in the comments!

Your Iva ❤

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