Shoes too tight or too big – tips & tricks for a good fit

How often has it happened that you go into a shop and fall head over heels in love with that one shoe? And then the shoe just isn’t there in the right size. Often you go home again and let one or two days pass, but you want to have this shoe and you look online and in other shops, but the shoe is simply not found in the right size. You buy the great and usually not so cheap shoe but nevertheless, because you simply find him absolutely cool. Well, yeah. But now the problem is that you either buy it one size bigger or one size smaller. And after a few days you get angry that you bought the shoe. So what can you do to make sure that your shoe fits you or at least fits a little better? Here we have summarized our tips and tricks.

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Shoes too tight – shoe tree or stretching spray?

the first and probably best known way to widen your shoe is to use a classic shoe tree, which is simply clamped into the shoe and helps expand the space in which your toes are located. These should always be used in conjunction with an expansion spray. In the best case you can put on your favorite shoes again without any problems and have no more pain on your thick toe.

If you want to use cheaper alternatives, here we have the perfect means that you will find in every household once summarized to expand your shoes.

  • With a hairdryer and a pair of socks you can stretch your shoes to a certain extent. First you put the socks rolled up in the front into the dome and then you heat the shoe with the hairdryer, so the dome expands a little and the shoe fits again as if cast on.
  • You can also simply make a shoe tree yourself by putting a little water in a freezer bag and turning it into ice and then putting it into the front of your shoe for a few hours.
  • The same principle works with newsprint.
  • If you rub the shoe with alcohol and then put it on again directly, the shoe adapts to the foot and even so you get his shoe widened. With vinegar it works the same way.
  • If nothing helps, it is still the best way to go to the professional and let him help you.

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Shoes too big – heel pads, insoles or cotton wool?

  • If your shoes are a bit too big, for example they didn’t exist in your size anymore, but you really wanted them, there are some tricks to prepare your shoes so that they fit you anyway.
  • The well-known method with cotton wool is probably still the most helpful method. Simply put some cotton wool in the front of the shoe and they will fit like a glove again. Hairspray is also a good method to avoid slipping back and forth in the shoes by simply spraying the inside of the shoe with hairspray.
  • If you are looking for something out of the shop, then heel pads or insoles are wonderful for stuffing your shoes.


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