Spring 2017 shoe trends: Adidas + Puma take off!

Hello my dears! It’s getting nicer by the day, the sun is shining and somehow spring has finally arrived. When I was invited to the opening of a new shoe store last weekend, I had the idea to write a blog for you about the shoe trends in spring 2017 and of course about my current favorites. I love sneakers and wear them every day, but I also have a not unmentionable collection of high heels in my wardrobe, which can not be missing in my spring favorites. Therefore I have summarized my 3 favorite sneaker and 3 favorite heel trends for you. I hope you have fun reading!

Sneaker trends 2017: Adidas and Puma take off in spring

What would spring be without sneakers? Because they are just so comfortable and still look great, here are my top 3 favorite sneakers for spring 2017 for you!

Puma Suede – Loops come and this all Lady Like in Satin

You see them everywhere at the moment. The Puma ‘Fenty Bow Sneaker’ and the Puma ‘Suede Heart Satin’. The combination of sporty and girlie is very popular and the huge satin bow even tops the bright pink color. For me personally it’s all a bit too much, so I changed the trend a bit. My favourites for the ‘Satin’ trend are definitely the ‘Mountain Cut Bow Black’ by Filling Pieces. They are more simple but still have great details, like the bronze accents and of course the satin bow. I have them brand new and love them to death. Currently my favorite sneakers!

Lukinski Villas

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Adidas Superstars – The classic goes again this spring

A classic that should not be missing from anyone’s wardrobe. An Adidas Superstar in white is perfect for spring. In my opinion the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever had and it goes with everything. If ‘just white’ is too boring for you, you will find great alternatives at Adidas. Whether stripes in rainbow look, with glittery accents or simply with black instead of white stripes. Adidas has expanded their range since last year and now everyone should find their favourite. My current favorite is the Adidas ‘Superstar Glitter’ (see photo below).

Platform Sneaker – Puma brings back the 90s

Granted, the trend isn’t quite as extreme as it was in the 90s, but Rihanna’s collection for Puma has brought back memories of days gone by. The Puma ‘Creeper’ are totally on trend at the moment. The platform sole makes the actually simple shoe something very special. Since recently, the exclusive shoe is available in many variations and designs. From velvet to metallic and suede to patent look, you can find everything in the Puma online shop. My personal favorite is the Puma ‘Basket Platform Patent’.

High Heel Trend 2017: The most beautiful thing spring has to offer

I’ve rounded up the most beautiful high heels and latest trends for spring 2017 for you here in my Top 3 Favorite Heels.

High heels to lace up – the higher the better

Laces are not only in the clothing totally trendy, but also in shoes. Especially with high heels the trend looks great and is flexible applicable. Whether only on the foot, the ankle or even the whole leg high. The lacing gives the shoe something special and elegant and so you see not only simple models, but also meter-long strings, which are laced for example supermodel Kendall Jenner up to the thigh. I love the trend and have myself in the wardrobe one or the other pair. My latest acquisition is a beige overknee shoe that laces up completely over the knee. I fell in love with it and can’t wait until the weather is good enough to wear it!

Transparent high heels – Kim Kardashian and Co. show off the trend

High heels completely made of transparent fabric, heels made of transparent material. At first I was not so enthusiastic about the trend. Meanwhile, I am convinced, however, because there are really interesting combination possibilities. Whether a fishnet tights underneath, or glitter in the transparent heel. There is a lot of experimentation but it looks really great. In addition, the shoes go with everything, since they are colorless. Especially with the Kardashians you see the look very often, whether in everyday life or on the red carpet, it is suitable for everything! For all those who want to shop the trend, I can recommend the website Public Desire, because they really have a lot of choice in the area.

Major side eye ?

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Overknee boots – How to wear the trend in spring too

Overknees were great in winter as they keep you really warm and look super fancy, spicing up any outfit. Now that it’s getting warmer, the it-pieces are slowly but surely too warm to wear them over pants. Still, we don’t have to do without them, because not only can they be super combined on dresses/skirts and shorts, there are now also cool versions with holes and lacing, which make the shoe a bit breezier. Despite all that, it is unfortunately the wrong choice for 30+ degrees. My favorite for spring. The overknee in jeans look!

Those were my shoe trends and personal favorites for spring 2017 for you! I hope you liked them and maybe I could inspire you a little with one or the other shoe. Feel free to write me your favorite shoes for the spring in the comments and look again next week at my blog! Until then, I wish you all a successful start to the week!

Your Iva ❤