Stinky and squeaking shoes – Let’s put an end to the shoe problems at last

Sometimes it’s just annoying. Once you did sports or went for a walk and after that the shoes just stink brutal. And you put the shoes outside for days, air them or spray them with some fragrance spray but nothing helps. Or you walk through your office or shopping mall and draw all the attention to yourself because you are the loudest person in the whole environment, felt through the miserable squeak of your shoes. Super awkward! Here are some tips how to finally fight the annoying shoe problems. In fact, there are a lot of ways to free the shoe from the stinking smell or annoying squeak. Most funds can even be found in almost every household.

Tips and tricks against stinky shoes

  • Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get the bad smelling smell out of your shoe. Do you have a cat at home? Great! Then simply put your shoes in fresh cat litter, because that cat litter neutralizes smells, not only those of your cat, but also those of your shoes
  • Satron or Baking powder can be found in every kitchen. Just sprinkle some of it overnight into your shoe and vacuum it out the next day with a vacuum cleaner. Voila! Your shoes smell like new
  • Also the peel of citrus fruits can help. Here, too, you can simply put the remains of the citrus fruit peel into the shoe overnight to neutralise the odour. The same applies to lavender flowers by the way.
  • In order to remove the bacteria and get rid of the disgusting smell, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shoes and let it work for a few hours
  • freezing is also a well-known method. By putting the shoes in a freezer bag and putting them in the freezer compartment, all bacteria and odours are killed
  • If you insist on something that you can’t find in every kitchen, you can also buy a very simple shoedeo and spray the shoe with it

Here you can also see the seven favourite hacks from the channel Fashionblokk against bad smelling shoes.

Hacks against squeaking shoes

Also the quitschen of shoes can become in the long run absolutely annoying and annoying, therefore we turn now once to this problem. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything!

  • Hairspray not only helps the hair to stand on end, it also helps the shoes to be quiet. Simply spray some hairspray on the sole of the shoe and the annoying smoke is done once and for all
  • Also Sand paper can be a good way to put an end to the squeaking of your shoes
  • A little Baking powder can also help in this case if the squeaking is not produced by the sole but by the tongue of the shoe
  • Finally it can also help to rub the upper leather of the shoe with oil