Interdee – Finest cashmere and angora wool

Up-and-coming It label Interdee is all about using premium, luxurious materials such as cashmere and angora wool to create casual-chic to rock-casual knitwear. The label’s style is characterised by casual colours that are perfect to wear in an everyday look.

Interdee – Cashmere & Angora Wool

Interdee uses the finest materials, such as cashmere.

Extravagant prints and patterns give some garments a special look. Other parts are given uniqueness by their special color gradient. It becomes clear – from casual to extravagant Interdee has clothes for a perfect casual look to offer.

Facts about Interdee

The upcoming It-label Interdee stands for the use of high-quality, precious materials like cashmere or angora wool.

  • Company was founded in Paris
  • Clothing is suitable for everyday use
  • Extravagant prints characterize Interdee fashion