Basics are boring? No way! Combined with these trends they become real eye-catchers!

There are a few classic pieces of clothing that no wardrobe should be without. Basics are the be-all and end-all for every day. You can combine them as you like and with just a few pieces you have many different looks. These all-rounders can then also be combined great with the current trends 2018. Find out now which are the trends for the coming season.

So your fashion doesn’t go out of style….

In the trends 2018 it is above all one: Transparent! Whether dress or top, this year many things can be transparent. With the top, you can be a little bold. A nice bra underneath and you’re done. Another trend in 2018 are small sunglasses with colored lenses. What was completely out a few years ago, is this year the absolute hit. If it may be something more, this year also the flowery dresses can be brought out again. Best to go with some chunky booties for a bit of a style break. Shorts are also undergoing a change this year, because what was always shorter in the past is now getting longer again. The bike shorts are back!

Why do you need basics anyway?

Basics are all-rounders that belong in every wardrobe. From several basics you can combine simple looks, with which you are always stylishly dressed. But actually these all-rounders are super suitable especially for combinations with the current trends: An outfit with only what is currently in often makes a look look restless and cluttered. With basics, the personal favorite trend can be perfectly staged. It is always important to bring a certain balance into the outfit: A few eye-catching pieces go best with these very basics. So a pair of eye-catching sunglasses is paired with an otherwise very simple outfit and a few other inconspicuous accessories. Or the new floral dress with simple shoes, a simple belt and a delicate bracelet.

These basics belong in every wardrobe

No successful outfit without basics: First there is the leather jacket, preferably in black or a simple earth tone. It enhances every outfit and gives the wearer a beautiful silhouette. The little black dress should also be mentioned here. Whether for leisure with sneakers or in the office with beautiful pumps. Which brings us to the next basic: Lace pumps are also an absolute must-have. You should also find a plain white blouse in every wardrobe. It looks especially chic if it is made of silk. Can be combined with anything and appropriate for any occasion, what more could you want? A trench coat, of course. Especially in spring/summer 2018, the long, light coats are super hip again. The classic pencil skirt goes well with it, because it’s also one of our favorite basics again this year. What many forget: Over it can only look good if everything fits underneath as well. The right and simple underwear must always be found in the wardrobe and is indispensable if a dress should fall casually or a top should fit perfectly.

Overall, it’s probably safe to say that it’s a combination of both – current trends and timeless basics – that makes a woman look stylish. The key is to find the right balance of simple and extraordinary.

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