Luna Farina – Singer presents her own merchandise!

Nice! Luna Farina we already met for an interview and we already accompanied you to Super Candy! Now Luna Farina has a new surprise for us, her own little merchandise line. With hoodies, shirts and everything that goes with them. Because meanwhile consequences Luna, only once 16 years old, nearly 300,000 people. Your community grows every day. What’s Luna doing today? What’s Luna wearing today? When we first saw the Power Girl on TV, when she was selected by Lena Meyer-Landrut for “The Voice Kids”, we knew directly: Wow! She’s very special! At the beginning of the year she was even in the Italian final. Now she makes her own music, makes music videos, makes live performances.

Update! Watch her new Music video: Wenn du Lachst (German)

Today Luna Farina introduces her first merchandising line and we wanted to show you directly some of the pieces. Because they are only the prelude to the first own fashion collection 2019!

  • Luna Farina Shop

Luna Farina, the first fashion collection is coming soon

As an Italian, Luna has fashion in her blood. That’s why two very special designers were interested in her. Her clothes are worn by megastars the Heidi Klum but also international supermodels like Cara Delevingne. We will definitely be the first to tell you exclusively about the collection, even as it is being created. If you don’t want to wait so long, you can now find first Merch Pieces in Lunas Shop.