Supercandy: The Influencer Paradise

Pink. Cute. Unique. That’s what Supercandy describes pretty accurately. The trend from the USA has finally reached Germany. We can assure you that waiting was worth it. FIV was for you in Cologne – Ehrenfeld, where the Pop-up-Museum conquers the hearts of all influencers and bloggers until 30.December 2018. We were there with the singer Luna Farina and ourselves, or in Lunas fall many pictures, taken from the colorful world of Supercandy.

Where does the Instagram Museum come from?

In America the model is known by the term “Museum of Ice Cream” and attracts superstars like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Blue Ivy and Beyoncé with husband Jay-Z. The trend began in July 2016 in New York, where the first tickets were sold out 18 minutes after the start of advance sales. Also in Germany Supercandy attracts the crowds just like that. From small children with their families to influencers like Luna Farina or even over 70-year-old couples, everything is represented. 97% of the visitors are women and girls, which shows that men are very little represented there. However, this does not mean that they are less welcome there, everyone who wants to make an extraordinary selfie or simply experience the Bunte Candywelt is invited to visit them.

Museum and Instagram?

Supercandy is of course not a normal museum, but a so-called “Pop-Up Museum”. You can imagine this as an exhibition that is in one city for a few months and then moves on to the next. Fortunately for us from Cologne it is until December 30th – Cologne Ehrenfeld. Supercandy offers you an extraordinary Instagram scenery after the other, from a huge ball pool to a confetti shower, each room is a unique experience. In total, there are more than 10 different “Instagram Museums” in America and Frank Karch, the operator of the extraordinary attraction, was the first to bring it to Germany.

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Blogger and Influencer only waited for Supercandy

Frank Karch has observed the trend in America over the last 2 years and has always wondered why it doesn’t exist in Germany. With the popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms, it should be booming. That’s exactly how it is, at the beginning people were a bit cautious, but that soon subsided. The masses are pouring in from all parts of Germany to take the experience with them. Rightly so, because whether the Super Event Supercandy will remain in Germany after its time in Cologne has expired is uncertain. You need a suitable location, sponsors and much more. In the interview Frank told us that there is a possibility that Supercandy might be the next to go abroad. So to every blogger, influencer, Youtuber, boy, girl, man and woman – hurry up! We don’t know if and when we can experience the event again here in Germany, so go online, get a ticket and go to Supercandy.

Influencer and singer Luna Farina enjoys her time in the pink flamingo bathtub in the Supercandy Cologne

The perfect outfit for your shooting

Now you think for sure that you have to hurry totally dadrin and with such a strong rush not have the possibility to take pictures in peace. Don’t worry, admission is always in 30-minute intervals and you can spend up to 2 hours with your ticket in the world of Supercandy. So you have plenty of time to make some great pictures for Instagram and to stand out as an influencer. You also have the opportunity to change in the museum, as wardrobes are provided especially for you, so that you can always wear your suitable outfit for the incredible attractions Supercandy provides for you. a tip from FIV – Supercandy is colourful and crazy, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit!

Supercandy makes children happy and Luna also

Thanks to the organizer Frank Karch and his cooperation with Haribo Supercandy is finally here. Haribo sponsors a lot of sweets, which the visitors can also eat. Bloggers, influencers and more flock to Cologne to be the first Germans to experience the innovative museum concept. The entrance fee is 29€, for children and teenagers up to 14 years only 21€. We recommend you experience Supercandy with your friends, if you buy 4 tickets you only have to pay 3. There is also a whole room around the Haribo theme. Chains with gold bears hang from the ceiling, columns filled with various Haribo treats and huge glittering gold bears. For every candy fan this is an absolute must! In addition, the sweets are distributed throughout the museum, a round tour begins directly at the entrance with a cup filled with various Haribo sweets and in every second room there are even more available for free cash on delivery. Delicious, we can’t say no to FIV either.

What does Luna Farina say to Supercandy?

Luna is totally thrilled. After 2 hours of intensive photo shooting, some fooling around and a lot of nibbling, she can only tell everyone – Supercandy is incredible, unique and definitely worth a visit. She liked the Black White Wall the most, the light and the whole location was for her taste the best place to take pictures, together with the huge ball pool, if it wasn’t for the time Luna would probably still be swimming in the ball pool now, but unfortunately the day of an influencer also comes to an end. You can only grab one of the Goodiebags, a delicious free ice cream and Supercandy good nosh.