Fashion Show Highlights from Fendi – Fashion illusions on the runway, backstage footage & interviews

Fashion Show Highlights from Fendi – the Italian fashion house regularly hits the headlines with its collections. These are always original, elegant and modern. The brand not only has a long history, but also an equally long list of fashion milestones, shaped by the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi. See the highlights of the fashion shows here and take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the brand.

Fendi – Innovation & luxury combined in fashion

The Italian fashion label was founded in 1918 by the married couple Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Originally, their fashion was limited to furs and hats, but later expanded and now also offers clothing and other accessories. After the couple’s death, their five daughters Paola, Anna, France, Carla and Alda took over the company and in 1965 hired the German designer Karl Lagerfeld as Creative Director of the company. The fashion brand had established itself as a luxury brand mainly through Lagerfeld’s fur collection, which he presented at the “Haute Fourrure” fashion show. In order for the brand to achieve commercial success, the first Ready-to-Wear collection was launched shortly afterwards. Currently there is also a children’s collection called “Fendi Junior” and the furniture collection “Fendi Casa”.

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Rebellious fashion full of elegance & fashion statements

Fendi loves innovation, thrills and breaking rules. The most diverse colours, materials and patterns are wildly combined with each other to make statements. Fendi also loves the modern woman who doesn’t put up with anything – either professionally or privately – and this is also reflected in the exciting collections of the Italian fashion label.

Casual women collection with modest prints & classic colours

For the women’s summer collection, the fashion house opted for lots of floral prints, white terry cloth and cotton. The collection was restrained with classic cuts, broad woven bags and muted colours. Highlights here were brown suede wrap dresses and floral patterned fur. It was also noticeable that there was not a single high heel during the show. “I want women to feel natural and good in these dresses,” said Venturini Fendi, emphasising the practical use of the collection.

Corsetry & fancy fabrics as a symbol of female emancipation

The women’s collection 2020 resembled a fashion rebellion. To fashionably free oneself from the double standards that many women encounter in everyday life was the focus here. This was made clear by the ambiguity of the materials (something that is typically Fendi) and the almost identical dresses, which were similar in cut, but differed in details almost as much as day and night. With wicked boudoir pieces and a pink upholstered catwalk, this fashion show resembled a single thrill where you never knew exactly what was coming next.

High fashion fur coats and golden jumpsuits in Tokyo

The fashion show for the 50th anniversary was entirely in the name of fur. Chinchilla, sable and mink – the royal class of furs and their innovative looks, which had been created over the past decades under the creative direction of Lagerfeld, were always the focus of attention. As always, he and his team, with the fashion brand’s illusionary jackets and coats, ensured that there was plenty of snatch in the Front Row. Innovative, enchanting and unexpected – that’s Fendi.

Homage to Karl Lagerfeld against an iconic backdrop

The Fendis 2019 haute couture fashion show celebrated the legacy of the great Karl Lagerfeld, who had been the creative leader of the Italian fashion empire for five decades. With his techniques and his love of always pushing back the boundaries of fashion, he had revolutionised fur and made Fendi the brand it is today. Naturally, one of the top locations was booked for this special occasion: the Palatine Hill in Rome, overlooking the breathtaking Colosseum. Take a look at the top class fashion show here.

Innovative men’s collections that are ahead of their time

The Italian luxury label Fendi manages to revive almost forgotten classics of men’s fashion with every men’s collection. Silvia Fendi and her team always create the must haves of tomorrow. The looks are modern and timeless at the same time; the accessories are innovative and practical.

Classic creations with a progressive touch

Shortly before the fashion show, the creative management of the company announced that they wanted to “work on the essential components of the classic wardrobe of a man of tomorrow”. For this year’s winter collection this led to newly invented contours and silhouettes of coats, vests and jackets. The traditional cigar bag was given new designs and AirPod and credit card compartments for the man of the modern age were added. Check out the complete fashion show here.

Creative fashion show in the name of illusion & utopia

The fashion label found inspiration for the 2017 summer collection in Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and Hockney. This was also reflected in the outfits: cabana coats, blue-brown striped jackets and fur that at first glance looked like terrycloth. Fleshy bags in the typical Fendi colours finally rounded off the looks. See the whole fashion show here.

Innovative men’s collection with airy light elements

Dark, artistic and mysterious was the atmosphere at the Fendi fashion show 2019. The models emerged from an arch decorated with the illustrations of Nico Vascellari. For the men’s summer collection, the fashion label used lots of linen, innovative leather blouses and sporty tracksuits. Trendy bucket hats and fanny packs were regarded as must haves. So the collection was almost a bit alchemical, but still remained commercial through the use of typical cuts and creations from Fendis.

XXL fashion show in Shanghai: Women’s and men’s fashion together for the first time

Usually Silvia Venturini Fendi and her team prefer to present the women’s and men’s collections separately. But this time Team Fendi decided to present both collections on the same runway. The location could not have been better: The Powerlong Museum in Shanghai. Check out the whole fashion show here.

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Backstage of a Fendi Fashion Show with Anna Wintour and Chiara Ferragni

In this exclusive video you can see how a Fendi fashion show works. See the who-is-who of Hollywood sitting in the Front Row, the stunning backdrop of Rome being set up and the models being cast and dressed in advance. Of course, the creative director Fendis Silvia Venturini Fendi is always present.

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