I’ll set up the nursery: Tips, ideas, design & security

You have children, the family grows and so does the flat or the house? It is always the same: Now many tasks will come to you and you will probably be happy about any help. We, at FIV Magazine, will try to support you as much as possible by giving you helpful tips on how to furnish the rooms of your new home. In this article, you’ll learn all our tips for decorating a children’s room.

The design – colours, furniture and toys

You don’t just expect offspring, but already have a child who is slowly reaching the age where it wants to play in its own nursery? Then you will have to deal with the design of the children’s room a lot in the near future and we have the right tips for you.

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Colors in the nursery – Which are the right ones?

Each child is different and therefore the perfect nursery for each child is individual. Since children are often cosmopolitan, cheerful and active, it is important to support this attitude in the wall paint as well. No child would feel comfortable in a gloomy dark nursery, which is why light colours should always be used. Light colours such as yellow, light blue, pink or orange are particularly suitable.

Since children, unlike many adults, have an enormous amount of imagination, it can be a nice idea to create a mural. No matter whether you paint it yourself, have it painted or attach a purchased mural, your child will automatically feel more comfortable. It can be a world map that the child can discover or a painting with mythical creatures.

If your child is already able to occupy himself alone in the nursery, then it can also be a good idea to simply ask the child: Which colour do you like? Which mural would you like to have on the wall? If the child is given the opportunity to participate in decision-making, then this will not only strengthen the child’s self-confidence, but it will also help to make the child feel comfortable quickly.

Furniture: From bed to sitting area

In addition to the design of the walls, the selection of suitable furniture also plays a role. It is not important to buy the most expensive bed for the child, but to make sure that the overall concept is right. Most children are reluctant to sleep and therefore it makes sense to buy a bed in which the child likes to lie down. No matter whether there is a slide for the morning, a bed that is built up like an Indian tent or simply a mosquito net that is stretched over the bed and covered with butterflies, you will see that your child will much rather go to bed and generally feel more comfortable in the children’s room.

Besides the bed, it is important that you choose furniture that is suitable for a child. At some point the time has come and the child wants to pick out its own clothes for the first time and do everything on its own. Therefore it is important that the child gets the feeling that the nursery is completely aligned to him.

You should also think about where the child should play. If the nursery is big enough, a cosy seating area with cushions and upholstery could be just the thing. Many children also like to sit in beanbags to watch books or listen to a radio play. Make sure that your child has many opportunities to sit down and play.

Place toys – You should pay attention to this

What do children like to do best at a young age? Playing. Since the main activity of children is playing, it makes sense to buy several boxes in which you can store the toys. Here too, the boxes should be placed at a height appropriate for the child so that they can serve themselves and choose what they want to play. Especially if the child has many different toys, you might want to consider placing small symbols on the boxes so that the child knows immediately which toys are in which box.

Because you store the toys in boxes, it is not so easy for the child to be over-stimulated and can use their own imagination more often. Nevertheless, the nursery should not be as tidy as an adult’s room, which is why they can consciously place their favourite toys.

Safety in the nursery – You should consider this

Here we have 4 tips for you that can help you make your child’s room safe. Sometimes there are risks that have not been taken into account, so it is a good idea to read these tips.

Fasten cupboards and chests of drawers

No matter how many aspects there are to consider when furnishing a child’s room, the safety of the child always comes first. Children are not always careful and do not have too much life experience, which is why it is important to ensure that they stay alone in a nursery. Securing means in this context that cupboards and chests of drawers should be fastened to the walls. Why does this make sense? Many children feel the urge to climb up everywhere for a variety of reasons. If a cupboard is not fixed to the wall in such a situation, it could fall down together with the child.

Securing sockets

Small children in particular enjoy exploring their environment with all their senses. It is not unusual for fingers to be used. Usually this is not a problem, but when it comes to electricity and sockets, there is a great danger. For this reason you should secure the sockets in the children’s rooms with a child safety device. You can get child safety devices in any DIY store and there you will also get the appropriate technical advice if you need tips for installation.

Elighten children about dangers

Many accidents can be avoided by informing your children about dangers in good time. If the child understands why he or she should or should not do something, he or she is unlikely to do it. Give your daughter or son children a fair explanation of what can happen and they will be able to avoid some accidents.

Selected toys only

For most parents, it has always been clear that the child will not be given toys that contain parts that could cause the child to swallow or that could be toxic. Make sure that you only provide toys in the nursery with which the child can play alone. With many families there are a few exceptions for toys, which may be played only if the parents are present, like e.g. dough. These toys should not be placed in the children’s room, but in a place that is not accessible to the child.

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