Decoration for Event, Wedding & Co – Creative outfitters in Cologne & Düsseldorf

Your sister’s wedding is coming up? Or even your own? A Christmas party is being planned or a huge event for a big customer? No matter what is celebrated, decorations are an important factor for the right atmosphere. This article will help you so that you don’t have to worry about it and think about […]

I’ll set up the nursery: Tips, ideas, design & security

You have children, the family grows and so does the flat or the house? It is always the same: Now many tasks will come to you and you will probably be happy about any help. We, at FIV Magazine, will try to support you as much as possible by giving you helpful tips on how […]

Renovate apartment: Decoration & Colour trends

You want a significant change, but other cushions on the sofa are not enough for you? Okay, then we need to add some color! Coral, petroleum and mustard yellow shades are very much in vogue, but natural shades, pastel and metallic are also very popular with furniture lovers. You can change small details and with […]