Taylor Hill: Home and closet

How does a model and Instagramstar live? Everyone knows the fashion of Victoria Secret and brands like Prada. But here we only see workwear from Taylor Hill. We want to show what the catwalk face is wearing. What does she wear privately? What does her closet look like here?

Taylor’s home

Taylor Hill has lived in the cities of Arvada, Los Angeles and New York. But due to the many journeys for her modeling job she is hardly ever at home.

For Taylor, the term home is very important. Maybe this is the reason why one learns so little about her private realm. While other Instagramstars publish house tours on Instagram and YouTube, Taylor keeps a low profile and only offers insights into her private realm through her Instagramstories or posts.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Under the heading ‘Home’ she lets us take a look into her realm. An important protagonist: her dog.

Take a look into Taylor’s closet!

Models are always perfectly styled in front of the cameras: Haute-Couture from big fashion houses. But what does Taylor’s fashion style look like in private? Which pieces of jewelry does she hide? Are we still talking about a closet or a whole dressing room? Here we tell you all about our insights into her closet.

Taylor Hill’s closet is one thing above all: bright, inviting and cosy. A little paradise to go shopping in your own closet every morning. Lovely details, all in simple, bright tones. A large window offers a beautiful view over the streets. Perfect to have a direct look at whether it should be the rain jacket after all!

A small comfortable paradise

When you come in you are greeted by a large round Vogue carpet. Taylor can make herself comfortable on her little grey sofa – and if Taylor does not make herself comfortable, her little dog does. A cute highlight is definitely the small white fur stool, which serves as a table for drinks or magazines.

We all agree: Taylor has good taste not only in fashion but also in interior design!

Black and white pictures on the dresser show Taylor’s love for detail. A stack of books in the dressing room – no surprise for a bookworm like Taylor! We wonder which book she is currently reading. Is it a game-of-thrones volume?

Taylor’s fashion: a dream in all colors

On the left side we see numerous jackets, sweaters and blouses, but Taylor closet is not monotonous. A jacket with leopard pattern is the first thing that catches our eye. Jean pants are stacked in a small cupboard right at the entrance – quite practical.

While other celebrities have entire shoe rooms, Taylor lines up her shoes on shelves above the dresser: sneakers to high heels. A good tip for all shoe lovers who want to keep an eye on their shoes.

Unlike her shoes, Taylor’s handbags are hidden. If you look up, you will find Taylor’s bag collection. From the classic black to a gaudy pink, everything is there! Accessories like numerous hats can be found in the spacious drawers of the chest of drawers.

Taylor’s favorite pieces

Matching the leo jacket, which was an eye-catcher for us, she also has the matching shoes. The shoes are ideal for her: Maybe a little bit unusual, but stylish and individual. Can be combined with everything.

One designer who deserves a place of honor in Taylor’s closet is Alexander Wang. A short leather dress by him is one of her favorites. It is an all-rounder and always a good choice when she doesn’t know what to wear: For the cold months the Instagram Star always has her long black coat at hand. The model has a great love for her small pastel blue Chanel handbag. Next to her dog she is the second great love of her life.

The allrounder: Sunglasses

How do you round off the perfect look? With sunglasses of course! An absolute favorite accessory! Well protected they are kept in the commade and earn their own drawer, because of course different looks make different highlights.

The model has a great love for her small pastel blue Chanel handbag. Besides her dog, she is the second great love of her life.

Victoria Secret? Not only on the catwalk!

Who thinks the angel would wear Victoria Secret only on the catwalk is wrong. Another favorite is a vintage kimono with a flat floral pattern. One of the finest pieces of jewelry made of 100% silk. A piece that she will keep for a long time and will always remind her of her Victoria Secret career.