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Constantly K interview: Fashionicon Karin Teigl about must-haves, happy relationships & her everyday life with Instagram

Interview with Constantly K – We talked to the famous German fashionicon and inspiration cannon Karin Teigl about her must-haves, her everyday life, her sources of inspiration and the happy relationship with her husband Georg. With wit and charm Karin takes us into the world of fashion blogging and gives tips and tricks on how […]

Retirement videos: Private or company? Tips & possibilities

Retirement Provision Videos – The topic of retirement provision is one of the most important topics that Germans think about. Already in young years one is made attentive to provide for later. But how exactly do I do that? When do I start with the old-age provision? Which mistakes should I avoid? Where can I […]

Selling property books: tips, tricks and secrets to success from experts!

Selling Real Estate – Have you already invested in real estate or inherited a home, and now want to sell it for a profit? In this article we give you book tips on the subject of selling real estate. In this post, you’ll find all the info you need about selling real estate – wrapped […]

Tax advisor near you for private + company: tips, recommendation & evaluation

Nearby Tax Accountants – Find a good tax accountant near you? We have searched the internet for you for days to find the best recommendations for tax consultants near you: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart & Co. For your private tax return or income tax return or more complex accounting for companies, from monthly […]

Fabian Arnold about his dream woman, plans for the future and his first own brand PRGear!

Who hasn’t heard of influencer “fabianxarnold” these days? He currently has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram and the number is constantly growing. With us he has fully unpacked, he talks to us about former self-doubt, how he got into sports, his own fitness brand and his dream woman! Fabian Arnold Instagram PRGear Instagram From […]