Lily Aldridge: House Tour Nashville

When you think of stars, you probably often imagine that they often live in big cities like New York, London or Berlin. But of course this is not always the case. Many also feel more comfortable in more rural areas or move back home. Others live in the big city and have vacation homes all over the world.  Quiet and cosy, chic and simple: You will soon find out how the Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge lives.

Lily Aldridge’s house in Nashville

Lily Aldridge is known from Victoria’s Secret, for example. For the label, she not only had herself photographed a few times in front of the camera, but also walked the catwalk as “Angel”. The well-known model has a house in Nashville. Here you can find out where Nashville is and what there is to discover there.


Nashville is not just in Tennessee, it is the capital of Tennessee. That again lies around in America. To put it in a better geographical context: Nashville is less than two hours away from New York by plane. If you like to listen to country music, Nashville is the place to be.

Lily Aldridge’s hallway

If the model would invite you to her house in Nashville, you would see a hallway with white walls and a mirror on the left side. In the background and on the other side you would find framed pictures on the wall. There is also a sideboard with glass windows and a lamp on top. A little further back there is also a table with a lamp. So it’s perfect if you just came from shopping and want to put the bags down.


As soon as you enter the bathroom, a highlight immediately catches your eye: the bathtub. It stands directly straight ahead on a platform, underneath which is a carpet runner. You wait in vain for floor tiles, which you often expect and find in a bathroom. This makes the model’s bathroom look directly inviting and cosy. Several windows flood the bathroom with daylight. Also a mirror, a flower and pictures should not be missing here.

Living room of the model

The living room looks cosy and lively. Many objects can be discovered here. The shelves built into the wall offer a lot of space to display objects and are a real eye-catcher due to their blue-greyish color. Two large armchairs and chairs are located in the living room. Here Lily Aldridge can certainly welcome many guests and arrange a cosy evening for chatting. In the hanging chairs in front of the window she can certainly read books or just relax. She has sorted many of them, even by color. On the table in the living room you can find some coffee table books, a vase with flowers or other decorative objects. Furthermore there is a brown sofa and of course canvas on the wall.

Children’s room of Lily Aldridge’s daughter

Again, there is a room that can get a lot of daylight. There are enough windows here. Of course there is a blackboard to write on or a table for a small tea party.

TV room

Also not bad: A room where you can meet to watch TV. This room also has many windows and some pictures on the walls. A sofa with pillows and a blanket, a table, a lamp, here and there pictures or books: The rooms of the model’s house are furnished in great detail.

Kitchen of the model

The kitchen definitely speaks for itself, it is a real eye-catcher. The tiles on the wall create a strong and striking pattern. The floor is also a striking contrast to the kitchen furniture. There are also many things to discover: from fruit bowls to plants or lamps on the work surfaces. Some of the crockery is also visible outside on shelves above the work surface.


When you enter the bedroom of Lily Aldridge, you see a teddy bear and a rabbit in XXL sitting on the floor. In addition, a guitar is leaning against a large shelf. There you can find many cuddly toys among other things.

Lily Aldridge’s house in Nashville

If you’ve become curious, you can take another look at the tour through Lily Aldridge’s house in Nashville.