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Bathroom furniture: washbasins, bathtubs, sets and more for the perfect bathroom furnishing

Bathroom furniture – The bathroom is a place of retreat and for many people one of the most important rooms in the home. After a busy day, sinking into a bubble bath and simply switching off is how you imagine the perfect end to the evening. The wrong décor can spoil that quite nicely. That’s […]

Oriental furnishings: Living like in 1001 Nights – Furniture, Cushions and Deco with the Oriental Touch

Oriental furnishings – This style has its roots in Morocco and is anything but mainstream. Rich colors and oriental patterns make every room something special. Let your home become a spiritual place with the help of oriental flair. This is especially exotic fabrics and room scents, whether caused by candles or incense sticks. We show […]

Dining Room Furnishings: Chairs, decoration and the right lighting for dining at home

Dining room furnishings – Next to the living room, the dining room is the center of gathering in the apartment and the place where you and your guests spend relaxed evenings in convivial company. But what do you need in your dining room? Furniture, decoration, flooring, lighting? How do you turn your dining room into […]

Bathroom Furnishings: Furniture, Mirrors, Colors & Accessories – From Planning to Decorating Finishes

Bathroom furnishings – When furnishing your bathroom, owners of small bathrooms in particular face a challenge and have to make sure that every square metre is used sensibly during the planning stage in order to obtain plenty of storage space without having to forego decorative elements and accessories. From choosing the color of the walls […]

Patio furnishings: Tiles, roofing, privacy screens – Design your feel-good oasis with luxurious furniture

Terrace furnishing – The terrace is a very special place in your home. It is your personal retreat and your oasis of well-being. When the first warm days arrive in spring, you will be very happy to find a comfortably designed terrace with exclusive furniture. In this article you will learn everything you need to […]