Barcelona, The Next Capital Of Modelling With Barbara Sanchez In Interview

Interview with Barbara Sanchez – In this interview with Bárbara Sánchez we talk about how to become a model in Argentina, the difficulty of becoming one, how to work for the best brands in the industry, and the importance of mental health. In addition, Barbara talks about Barcelona as a fashion capital and the city’s good location for working all over Europe – don’t miss out!

Barbara Sanchez

Meet barbara sanchez, a young aregntina model living in Barcelona. She has worked for big names in the industry such as Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gaultier and Mugler, among others. Decisiveness, elegance, beauty and hard work. She is Barbara Sanchez.

Not Giving Up: Barbara’s First Jobs

FIV: You have been modelling for quite some time as I can see, how did you get started in modelling?

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BARBARA: Due to the number of times my family and friends told me that with my height I had to try my hand at modelling. So I accepted the challenge and I decided to send my first photos to an agency that I found on the internet, although I didn’t succeed at the first attempt, that didn’t stop me from giving up. After several attempts and a little more research I managed to get into an agency where I was accepted and there I started this adventure.

London, Milan, Paris: A Step Away From Barcelona

FIV: Do you think Barcelona is a good city to start modelling?

BARBARA: I’ve been living in Barcelona for almost two years now and from my own experience I have to say that it is a city with many possibilities in terms of fashion and art.
It is a good city to base yourself here, as you are only a few hours away by plane from the big fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris and London.

FIV: Many of the international Spanish models live outside Spain because they think the market is not as good as others. Were you recommended at any point in your career to leave Barcelona?

BARBARA: I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina although very soon it will be almost 3 years since I’ve been here in Barcelona because I’ve stayed here by my own decision because I love this city and I wanted to have the experience of living in it. I still haven’t decided what my next destination will be but as I said before, you are only a few hours away by plane and it is very easy to move around Europe.

Barbara for Custo Barcelona

Barcelona: The Next Capital Of Modelling

FIV: From your point of view as a model, what do you think the industry in Spain needs to improve to reach the level of London or Paris?

BARBARA: I think it is on the way to be, I have recently finished the fashion week here in Barcelona and I have felt it as much on an emotional level as if I had been modeling in Paris or London, but maybe here you don’t have as many castings or fittings in the same day as in Paris for example, because there in one day you can have 12 castings, so it’s crazy!

Her Runway Moment: Jean Paul Gaultier

FIV: Throughout your career you have worked with big brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier or Schiaparelli, what is your best experience as a model?

BARBARA: I had the chance to be part of Jean Paul Gualtier’s last fashion show and it was a unique experience. I remember that when we rehearsed the runway we didn’t go in order of departure, we just walked one after the other to practice and get familiar with the catwalk but once the show started, I saw that my look was second to go and the designer told us before the show started: “Go out and be yourselves” and so I let myself go although I can’t deny that I was super nervous, knowing that he is one of my favourite designers and that he chose me was a privilege, I am still grateful for it.

Barbara for Jean Paul Gaultier

Become A Model: Not As A Easy As It Seen

FIV: I imagine you feel more than proud to have reached where you are, it’s been as easy as we can imagine?

BARBARA: The truth is that I have to admit that it has not been an easy road, it was a lot of work and effort that in the long run was paying off because sometimes we only want to see the results immediately when we have to be a little patient with some things because everything comes.

Barbara’s Next Step: Become An Actress

FIV: What are your next professional goals?

BARBARA: And I love acting, I studied theatre from a very young age and the first time I stepped on a stage I knew it was my thing and in fact I always end up giving my acting side, both in photos and on the catwalk because that’s what acting is all about. I’m passionate about theatre and that’s why I aspire to be a great actress.

Barbara for Mugler

Travelling the world: Model Privileges

FIV: Model, the dream job of many young women, what do you enjoy most about your job?

BARBARA: Mainly travelling, I think that if it wasn’t for this job I would never have had the chance to travel the world as I have done so far.

Prepare Yourself Mentally To Enter In The Indutry

FIV: Finally, what advice would you give to young models who are just starting to work?

BARBARA: Believe in yourself, no matter what anyone says, you are going to find many doors that are going to close but you have to keep knocking on them until they open because only you know what you are going through, the effort it takes and how you deal with it. You also have to prepare yourself mentally because it is a world where once you enter it, being exposed to what people will say and how others see you, as I said before, it is not an easy path but for this and I believe that on a personal level you have to have two requirements, personality and authenticity.

Barbara for Mugler