Larissa Marchiori: Modelling In Brazil, Tokyo, Paris And New York

Interview with Larissa Marchiori – She has worked in Brazil, Tokyo, Paris and New York, while working for the most prestigious brands in the international market. Larissa tells us the reality of working and living abroad, what it’s like to combine work and private life through the internet and what scouting was like. Have a look at this interview.

Larissa Marchiori

Larissa Marchiori. A Brazilian model. She was discovered at a very young age and after that she has never stopped working. Larissa loves her work and travelling the world, so she was given the opportunity to live abroad throughout her life. Elegance and constancy. Meet Larissaa with us.

Scouting By Surprise

FIV: You have been working for a long time. Do you have any anecdotes to tell?

LARISSA: I got scouted when I was 13 years old. I was too young and I had no experience so I told my mother I would like to go to a school for that or some kind of training to see if I really like it. So I went, and next to the school was my mother agent’s office, his assistant saw me though the window and called me in and that day I got signed.

FIV: Wow, he really saw talent on you! What happened after that?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

LARISSA: After two years working in my hometown on small jobs just to get a hand of it, at the age 15, I got scouted again by Elite group and signed my first international contract. My first trip was to Milan, and after that I never stopped. 

Modelling Around The World

FIV: What does modelling bring to your life?

LARISSA: Modeling brought me the opportunity to see the world, get out of my comfort zone, meet so many different people and experience life and culture. It intrigues my creative side by working with so many different minds and having the chance to bring into life their ideas and imagination. 

Elle Kazakhstan
Photo: Benjamin Kanarek
Stylist: Coline Peyrot
Hair: Audrey Lamb
Make up: Fanny Maurer

Tokyo: Larissa’s Favourite City

FIV: If I’m not mistaken, you are from Brazil, but you work all over the world. What country excites you the most to travel or live there? Why?

LARISSA: Im from Curitiba state of Paraná in Brazil, I’ve worked in many places but the ones that really got me somehow were Tokyo, I have to confess I had a bit of a culture shock when I first arrived, but everyone was so lovely and kind that I soon got familiar with it. I love asian culture in general and having the experience in the Japanese culture was a bless.

FIV: But, you worked also in Paris and New York, do you also have a special memory of them?

LARISSA: Paris has a beautiful place in my heart, I lived there for almost a year and I completely loved it. And there is New York City, work brought me there at first and I have to be honest, in the beginning I didn’t like it. But there is something in the energy of the city that I just couldn’t leave, that’s where I live now for the past 6 years. 

Video Calls: The Models’ Ally

FIV: Is it difficult in this business to be in a relationship or friendship regarding loyalty, trust, distance and time?

LARISSA: Thankfully with internet and video calls we can be a bit more present at our love ones lives. I never had a problem on having long distant friendships or relationships. I believe trust and loyalty are things we build with time, we can’t ask for it as much as we can’t ask for love, dedication or attention from someone, we earn it. For me communication is a base of everything, if you have that life gets extremely simple. Communicate if you feel something, if miss someone, if you are bothered by something and most important of all listen to yourself. Being aware of how you feel and listening to your inner voice is the most important thing of all in my conception.

Vogue Japan
Photo: Angelo Dagostino
Stylist: Aya Fukushima
Hair: Shuco
Make up: Kouta

Motivation: Love What You Do

FIV: Working for so long in the same industry, you must have had lows. What is your recipe against lack of motivation? 

LARISSA: In life in general we have our lows and highs, obviously working in this industry for some many years I had moments when I questioned myself. I guess is part of growing and learning process but I love what I do,I have so much joy working and knowing I’m getting out of my house to be working in a completely different set up every day and being able to be a different character on set is what motivates me, it never gets boring.

Trust Yourself: Larissa’s Adice For Herself

FIV: What would you say to you ten years ago?

LARISSA: If I had the opportunity to talk with the 10 years young me I would tell her to trust herself, to be strong, listen to people but also don’t be afraid to say and be what she wants, don’t get stuck in what other people are trying to tell you what to do or to be, and never let anyone get in the way of your career. 

FIV: Larissa, It’s been a pleasure fro us to have you in FIV Magazine!

Shoot by Scott Mac Donough

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