Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 3: Cool jobs, sweet shoots and lots of emotions

The journey continues. In the third episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” the girls conquer Europe’s fashion capitals. “Team Thomas” flies to Madrid and “Team Michael” travels to Milan. The girls can get their first jobs there and gain deep insights into real modeling life. Reunited in Los Angeles, it’s off to a sugary sweet shoot for both teams. For the second big decision they go to the desert and it gets more and more emotional. Now the questions arise: Who will get the first jobs, how will the girls do at the shoot and who will make it to the next round? Find out all about it here! Everything about the new season, the new jury & rules you can find here: Germany’s Next Topmodel Season 11.

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Germany’s Next Topmodel – All episodes of the 11th season

“Team Thomas” – Germanys Next Topmodels in Madrid

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Now the girls have to say goodbye to the Canary Islands, because it goes to Spain’s capital: the fashion metropolis Madrid. After a long flight the girls arrive late in the evening. But once again no luxury hostel awaited the girls, but a simple hostel. This caused little enthusiasm among the candidates. Taynara: “You hope for something else!”.

The first day. In downtown Madrid, mentor Thomas Hayo is already waiting for his girls. Thomas: “Welcome to Madrid. Today will be an exciting day. The first steps in the international model business.”. Equipped with a map of the city, money for public transport and a watch, the girls have to find their way to the first casting on their own. The first casting is for Maria Escoté’s campaign. The label of the Spanish designer stands for gaudy prints and elaborate materials. While some of the girls stumble over their English skills, Julia is able to convince them of her abilities, gets the very first job and has to go straight to the shooting. The rest of the group has to go on without her, because the next casting is coming up. Model André Hamann casts the girls for his label “Haze & Glory” and makes it clear what he expects: “I expect the GNTM up-and-coming models to be curious, open-minded, willing to experiment and open to advice.” But despite her shoot, only Julia arrives on time.

The rest of the girls are 57 minutes late. That goes down anything but well. Hamann: “That’s not a good impression, I have to be able to rely on the girls”. That’s why Hamann decides in favour of Julia, who thus also wins the second job that day. Mentor Thomas is also annoyed: “Punctuality should be taken first, especially in modeling. It’s not just about looks and if someone is late, that’s of course stupid.” With the candidates flowed naturally also tears. But Heidi has no sympathy: “I have to say: Tough luck!” The next day. The shooting for “Haze&Glory” is on the agenda. Together with label owner and model André Hamann Julia stands in front of the camera and convinces 100%. Back with the girls Thomas brings the good news: It’s off to Los Angeles! Full of enthusiasm and joy they make their way back to the hostel.

“Team Thomas” in Milan

Same conditions, different location: For “Team Michael” the seriousness of model life begins in Milan. Michael’s girls also have to find their way to their casting with money, a city map and a watch. The client is the label “Dora Abodi”, which was looking for a model for their spring-summer 2016 collection. The label stands for hand-embroidered fabrics and feminine elegance. While Thomas supported the girls in their castings, Michael let his team jump into the deep end. But even at this casting, there are many girls who struggle with the English language. Much to the displeasure of the clients. Yusra, however, makes a very good impression and gets the much sought-after job. In the evening, the girls cook for their mentor, but he first has to talk to his candidates about their negative appearance at the casting and begins with the words: “You know, where there’s a lot of sunshine, there’s often shade.”

The label criticized that many of the girls looked extremely listless and the communication with many was very difficult due to the lack of English skills. Michalsky: “A disaster! Listless! The English was difficult. Especially with Cindy. Then you’ll just have to learn. It’s a matter of practice and attitude.” Naturally, this led to an extremely tense atmosphere in the Michalsky house. On the second day, Yusra’s shoot is coming up and according to the motto “learning by doing”, the remaining candidates accompany their fellow contestant. But Yusra behaved rather unprofessionally. She complained about the stylist, the photographer and the poses she was supposed to take. This did not go down well with mentor Michalsky: “That’s not actually being coy”. And Heidi Klum also has a clear opinion about it: “Yusra’s photos are super, her complaining on the other hand is super unprofessional”.

Los Angeles – A Sugary Sweet Syrup Shoot

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It’s going to be a sticky affair today! #GNTM

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In Los Angeles, the two teams meet again. But even there, neither a villa with a pool nor expensive gifts await the candidates. For each team there is a small model house with bunk beds. The next day starts early. At 8:00 am Heidi and photographer Blake Little are already waiting for their girls with a sugary and sticky photo shoot. Buckets of sugar syrup are poured over the bodies of the candidates. Now the level and performance of the two teams are compared. The girls are critical of the shoot. Yusra: “I think that you feel really uncomfortable and you still have to look good. I think that will be hard!”. The model candidates get support from Heidi. While some of the girls have big problems with their facial expression and posture, Taynara and Lara, among others, impress with their extraordinary poses. Yusra can’t convince Heidi at all on this day. Heidi: “She is very pretty. But she doesn’t know what to do with her beauty.”

More dramatic than ever – The tears are flowing non-stop

More and more drama and soap character solidify in the 11th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. First candidate Jennifer cries because “Team Thomas” was heavily criticized for being late at the casting. Jennifer: “This is like a slap in the face!” Contestant Cindy was also heavily criticized by mentor Michael Michalsky for her lack of English skills. She walks away after Michael’s criticism, saying angrily, “I’m not up for this shit right now!”. But that’s not all. At the syrup shoot in Los Angeles, two girls cry at once. On the day of the decision it goes on. Sophie falls during the walk and doesn’t make it to the next round, which brings the barrel to overflowing.

The big decision- Off to the desert!

The next big decision is coming! The battle continues! Coming up on Pro 7! #TeamThomas #GNTM

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In high-quality lingerie and elaborate headdresses, the candidates have to show on stony and dusty desert ground that real top model potential in them. One girl from “Team Michael” and one girl from “Team Michael” had to prove themselves in front of the jury. The task was to present themselves “sexy” and “confident” and to strike a special pose at the end of the catwalk. But it was harder than expected to strut with the high heels on the desert floor. For candidate Sophie the walk ended on her knees. Tip of the jury: Stand up, smile and keep walking. Easier said than done. For contestants Shirin and Sophie, the journey ended here. With this, fashion designer Michael Michalsky lost two girls from his team, while “Team Thomas” remained complete. Michael: “I hope that “Team Michael” will go one better next round, because otherwise I won’t need to come here any more.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas.”

  • Camilla
  • Jennifer
  • Elena C.
  • Elena
  • Julia
  • Lara-Kristin
  • Jasmine
  • Laura
  • Fata
  • Taynara

These are the girls from “Team Michael.”

  • Yusra
  • Luana
  • Laura B.
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Kim
  • Cindy
  • Lara
  • Christin

The next episode – The big makeover

Next week the girls can expect probably the most blatant makeover in the history of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. Heidi: “The girls will change a lot!”. Contestant Kim will reportedly be hit particularly hard, with her beloved long blonde hair set to be cut off. In the trailer for the next episode, Kim asks, “And then what happens if I don’t want that?”. Heidi clearly replies: “Then we might have to send you home”. What will Kim decide? Thomas: “The makeover is a drama every year, a real tragedy.” Looks like it’s going to be a very emotional episode.

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020