Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 2: Two teams, two islands and the first big shootings

The GNTM journey has begun. In the second episode of the casting show it went for the girls to the Canary Islands and the first surprise is already waiting for them. Because instead of the luxury villa, the girls have to live in simple conditions. But there is no time to complain, because the girls already have to face the first challenges: the first shootings are coming up and they have to practice for the decision walk. Top model Toni Garrn supports the girls during their weekly tasks and helps the jury to decide. Tough measures are taken and the drama is preprogrammed. Find out everything about the new season, the new jury & rules here: Germany’s Next Topmodel Season 11.

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GNTM – The great journey begins

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The long-awaited tour of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” has begun. First destination: the Canary Islands. But in order to be able to prepare for the big decision in peace and quiet, the teams are going to different places. While “Team Thomas” spends the time on Lanzarote, “Team Michael” stays on Fuerteventure. But things turn out quite differently than expected. Instead of the glamorous luxury villa, dormitories and bunk beds are the order of the day. Much to the girls’ chagrin. Laura-Franziska: “Normally, when I go on holiday, I don’t sleep in a hostel. Of course I sleep in a hotel then”. Disappointed and depressed, however, they finally submit to the decision. What they don’t know: the girls should get a taste of the real model life. Heidi: “The girls have to earn their right to luxury first!” Seems like it’s only temporary after all.

“Team Thomas” – “Posing Teaching” and the first big Shooting

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The first day on Lanzarote. But instead of spending the day in the sun, the girls have to practice with Thomas. A “Posing Teaching” is coming up. In groups of 4 the model candidates have to show different emotions in front of the camera: “happy”, “sexy” and “angry”. They get support from top model Toni Garrn.

The next day. Now it’s getting serious: black sand, ice-cold water. Sun and wind and waves – not so easy to cut a nice figure. At the first big shoot, some of the girls reach their limits sooner than expected. But Heidi and star photographer Matt McCabe actively support the candidates. Heidi’s summary: “Thomas’ team was stronger. They were somehow in a better mood. Michael’s team was a little weaker. A bit lamer. I have to say that it was more fun with them today.

“Team Michael” – dune shooting and catwalk training with Toni Garrn

The girls have mastered their very first shoot! Here are the results….

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2 teams, 2 islands and our first shoot this season! #GNTM

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The first day on Fuerteventura begins for “Team Michael” already at 6:30 in the morning. The first big shooting is on the agenda. Without make-up they go to the beach, where the girls are already expected by Heidi and star photographer Matt McCabe. The dune shoot is all about body control. Jumping around in the deep sand, setting the scene for their figure and also keeping their facial expressions under control. But the girls are confident : “We are a strong team. “Team Thomas” doesn’t stand a chance against us. We’re gonna rock this!” But what looks so easy with Heidi, leads to great despair and crash landings for some girls. But despite small strains, the results can be seen. The next day the girls are rewarded with a breakfast by the pool. But right after that, it’s back to the drawing board. True to the motto “Learn from the greats”, the girls received catwalk training from top model Toni Garrn. And that was harder than expected. The girls had to strut through the pool on high heels. What not all of them succeeded at first go, Shirin mastered with bravura. As a prize, she gets to take photos with Toni Garrn.

The drama begins – heartbreak and many difficult decisions

Will @laura.topmodel.2016 throw it all away and is her boyfriend really worth it? More about this drama in the link in the bio #gntm #gntm2016

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Heartbreak for contestant Laura. The 16-year-old has a fight with her boyfriend, who wants Laura to quit the show and fly back to Germany. When her boyfriend also hangs up without a word after an argument on the phone, she breaks down and wants to quit everything. But mentor Thomas Hayo and her fellow contestants persuade Laura to stay. Thanks to her good performance at the photo shoot, she made it one round further.

Laura has decided for her hair and against the show. What do you think about this decision? #gntm2016

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Difficult decision for Laura-Penelope: The jury is anything but enthusiastic about her dreadlocks and confronts the 19-year-old with the choice: model body or dreadlocks. But after a short deliberation she decides in favour of her hair and voluntarily drops out: “No, I wouldn’t cut off my dreads for GNTM. For me, that would be self-betrayal!”

The first big decision – who will make it to the next round?

The two mentors Thomas Hayo and Michale Michalsky now had to slip back into the neutral role of jury member. As a guest juror Toni Garrn helped with the decision. On the two-part catwalk, one girl from “Team Thomas” and one from “Team Michael” had to walk. While 20 girls can be happy about a photo, for 3 candidates it means: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo for you today”. For Laura-Penelope, the journey ended at this point. With one crying and one smiling eye, candidate Saskia said goodbye, as she could now see her son again. For Fred, who was usually so self-confident and full of life, the dream of being a model was now also over. In tears she begged for a second chance. But nothing helped. Michael Michalsky: “I just don’t think you have what it takes to be a model!”

These are the top 10 from “Team Thomas.”

  • Julia
  • Elena
  • Lara-Kristin
  • Jasmine
  • Jenny
  • Camilla
  • Fata
  • Taynara
  • Laura
  • Elena C.

These are the top 10 from “Team Michael.”

  • Sophie
  • Cindy
  • Yusra
  • Lara
  • Luana
  • Kim
  • Laura B.
  • Shirin
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Christin

The next episode- The journey continues!

In the next episode, “Team Thomas” goes to Madrid. “Team Michael” travels to the fashion metropolis Milan. There the girls have to prove themselves at castings and can get the first jobs. Together they go to Los Angeles and a sweet shooting is in store. At the decision walk, the girls present themselves in high fashion lingerie and, as always, the question is: Who will make it to the next round? We are curious.

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