Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 8: Ice cold shootings and hot challenges

In the eighth episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” it got hot and cold. The girls had to pose as ice elves in an ice truck. Among other things, the next challenge was on the agenda. On the beach, the girls had to find the right man to match their outfit. In addition, a big surprise was waiting for candidate Kim, because she ended up on the front page of the BILD newspaper due to her “nipple flash”. But that didn’t remain the only drama, as Elena C.s’ behavior caused some conflict between some of the girls. For the weekly decision, the girls became “Space Goddesses” and had to deliver a cool walk in an impressive stone landscape. For one contestant, travel on GNTM came to an end at this point. Check out the rundown here: New rules, new jury, the 11th season GNTM.

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Hot headlines in episode 8 of GNTM

In the eighth episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” candidate Kim had to learn the dark side of the model business. A paparazzo had photographed her during the final walk when her dress slipped and exposed parts of her cleavage. During a phone call with her boyfriend, she learned that this faux pas had landed her on the cover of BILD, which Kim did not likeat all. Back with the girls, the young model burst into tears. Also shocked, the contestants took care of their fellow contestant. Heidi also showed great compassion: “I can absolutely understand Kim. Of course! She’s a beginner, she hasn’t experienced very much yet. Especially in this model business. For such a young girl, of course, it’s still uncharted territory.”. The topic still caused a lot of conversation in the next few days.

The Ice Elf Shooting

Who can melt the ice? © Henryk Lobaczewski

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One more beautiful than the other ? #gntm

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The shooting in episode 8 made the girls tremble. In an ice truck the girls had to cut a good figure as beautiful ice elves. A fiery look in the icy ambience was required. In addition, cool poses, a passionate attitude and good body control. The poses had to fit immediately, because the longer the shooting lasted, the more the girls froze, which of course could not be seen on the pictures. Not so easy! Especially Laura-Franziska had a lot of trouble with the cold and had to stop after a few minutes. Camilla and Elena K. couldn’t find any good poses, which made it extremely difficult for the photographer. Heidi also criticized them afterwards. The photographer was Henryk Lobaczecwski.

The Australian is known for his expressive fashion editorials. He has also made a name for himself as an advertising photographer. But the ice shoot was new territory for him too: “I usually shoot advertising and fashion campaigns in the studio. I’ve never shot in an ice truck before. It’s going to be a challenge for everyone.”. Meanwhile, a fight broke out among the girls during styling. Many of the girls were annoyed with Elena C.. Elena K.: “Elena always adapts to the person she is with at the moment. She always wants to please everyone and thinks she can only please people if she is just like that person. But that’s just the kind that doesn’t go over well right now.” Later, Elena C. sought comfort from her father over the phone.

The Beach Bae Challenge for the Top Models

But fancy dress she chose, @camilla.topmodel.2016 ??? #gntm

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The next day. The girls all drove together to Bondi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Australia and the most famous surf spots in the world. Thomas and Michael were already waiting for them there. The next challenge was on the agenda. The young models had one hour to buy a beach outfit for 100$. In the teams the girls went on their way. While in “Team Thomas” all girls quickly found an outfit, the shopping in “Team Michael” took much longer. The girls had agreed to look for all white outfits. But candidate Luana hadn’t noticed that and couldn’t find anything suitable in the remaining time. She bought 3 white tops and made an outfit out of them. What the girls didn’t know was that they now had to find a beach boy to match the outfit and walk down the catwalk with him. Immediately the models ran off to look for attractive men on the beach. All girls were able to find a walk partner and presented their outfits and beachboys to Michael and Thomas afterwards. The winner was Jasmin. She won a bag from the new Michael Michalsky collection.

The Great Deciding Space Goddesses

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At the impressive cliffs of Bombo Quarry the weekly decision took place. But not only the huge location impressed, but also the outfits of the girls gave a lot. The contestants became “Space Goddesses” who landed on another planet. The task: an energetic, cool walk. Camilla, Elena K. and Laura-Franziska couldn’t score here either and therefore wobbled. After some deliberation, the jury decided to give two of the three girls another chance: Elena K. and Laura-Franziska were thus allowed to look forward to a photo after all. For candidate Camilla, the journey on “Germany’s Next Topmodel” came to an end.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas.”

  • Elena C.
  • Julia
  • Elena K.
  • Jasmine
  • Fata
  • Taynara

These are the girls from “Team Michael.”

  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Laura B.
  • Luana

The next episode – The move into the model villa

The girls’ dream comes true! In the next episode, the eleven girls move into the long-awaited luxury mansion in Los Angeles. No more bunk beds and communal showers! The joy is enormous. Plus, there’s a hot, elegant shoot coming up with special shooting partners and guests. The difficulty: the girls have to come up with the composition of the picture themselves. The jury also makes a tough decision: one girl has to leave the show already before the decision.

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020