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Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 10: Coaching, beauty campaigns and fashion films

A tight program was on the agenda this week. First a coaching with cool male models, a casting for a big beauty campaign and then the girls were allowed to shoot their first fashion film. And that in a wedding dress! The weekly decision also went very differently. Instead of a catwalk, this time a […]

Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 9: Pure luxury, biting shooting partners and tough decisions

Finally, the girls move into the luxury mansion in Los Angeles! Plus, the girls can snag a highly coveted job. An elegant shoot with bite-sized shooting partners is in store, and tough action is taken on decision day. Check out the rundown here: New rules, new jury, the 11th season of GNTM. Here you can […]

Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 8: Ice cold shootings and hot challenges

In the eighth episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” it got hot and cold. The girls had to pose as ice elves in an ice truck. Among other things, the next challenge was on the agenda. On the beach, the girls had to find the right man to match their outfit. In addition, a big surprise […]

Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 6: gaudy, colourful shootings, catwalk battles and a famous visitor

The first group shooting is coming up. With different accessories and colorful outfits the girls have to prove their skills. Top model Winnie Harlow practices walking with the girls and the teams have to compete against each other in the catwalk battle, which causes a lot of bitching. In the decision walk, the contestants become […]