Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 6: gaudy, colourful shootings, catwalk battles and a famous visitor

The first group shooting is coming up. With different accessories and colorful outfits the girls have to prove their skills. Top model Winnie Harlow practices walking with the girls and the teams have to compete against each other in the catwalk battle, which causes a lot of bitching. In the decision walk, the contestants become dolls and “fly” across the catwalk and no less than 2 girls have to say goodbye at the end of the week. Check out the rundown here: New rules, new jury, the 11th season GNTM.

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The colorful group shooting of the top models

Who stands out the most? @rankinarchive

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The girls also had to show what they were made of in groups of 3 and 4 on the rooftops of Los Angeles. With gaudy clothes in front of a neon-colored background. Star photographer Rankin and Heidi actively support the girls. The first group has the task to shoot with a hot male model. Much to the chagrin of Jasmin. In the end, Male Model Gil and she even had to kiss, which didn’t suit Jasmin at all: “It was almost like cheating! I regret it deeply!”. Despite the drama, Rankin still managed to snap a sexy photo of Jasmin. The second group got a very different accessory: big yellow balls. Especially Kim can convince the photographer of herself. Everything else than Laura-Franziska, because she got to hear properly: Her poses were not good, her facial expression was too boring… Rankin suggested that she simply hold the ball in front of her face, which the candidate didn’t find funny at all. Heidi: “Rankin is not strict. But he just demands a lot from the girls!”. Group 3 had to prove themselves in roller skates. While Julia, Fata and Laura did extremely well and finished quickly, Christin struggled with facial expressions, poses and especially the roller skates. Heidi: “Christin is having a hard time today. You can see that she doesn’t really feel comfortable. She doesn’t really know what to do.” Dressed in blue and equipped with golden steel chains, the fourth and last group has to show what they can do. Taynara in particular has a lot of confidence and fascinates the photographer. Unlike Yusra, because she seems to be demotivated again. In the end she is even cut out of some photos. Even when Taynara tries to give her some tips, Yusra reacts annoyed and angry. Heidi is also anything but enthusiastic: “Yes, I must also say: Yusra looks very bored!”

The catwalk battle on Germanys Next Topmodel

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Famous visit is coming : supermodel Winnie Harlow. Due to the disease vitiligo, her skin has pigment-free areas on the body and face, which became her trademark. The girls are blown away. But the model is not there for pure pleasure, because she wants to practice running with the girls. The only difficulty: the shoes are the wrong size. This should prepare the girls for the real thing. After both teams have trained diligently with Winnie Harlow, the big battle takes place. One girl from “Team Michael” and one girl from “Team Thomas” have to run against each other. Winnie awards the points. But as fate would have it, contestant Camilla falls badly and has to be taken to hospital. The diagnosis: a broken toe. But the other girls are not deterred by this. “Team Michael” wins the battle with 5 to 3 and receives the invitation to the big casting of Maybelline in Berlin. This causes a lot of slander and big conflicts between the two teams.

The big decision – Let the puppets dance!

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Special Guest Judge on Germany’s Next Top Model, with the amazing @heidiklum @michael.michalsky and @thomashayo

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For the weekly decision, the jury had come up with something very special. The girls became dolls that came to life and had to strike beautiful and elegant poses in the air. Top model Winnie Harlow helped as a guest judge. Jasmin had to be the first to slip into the role of a doll that came to life. But unfortunately she could not convince the jury. Michael: “Jasmin not only has problems to walk, she also has problems to fly”. But because of her photo shoot she could score and made it to the next round. For contestants Yusra and Christin, the journey on “Germany’s Next Topmodel” came to an end. Yusra was heavily criticized once again due to her annoyed and unmotivated manner. Also her performance at the shooting and the walk could not convince the jury.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas.”

  • Camilla
  • Elena
  • Elena C.
  • Jasmine
  • Julia
  • Fata
  • Taynara
  • Lara-Kristin

These are the girls from “Team Michael.”

  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Laura B.
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Luana

The next episode- The big nude shoot

“G’day Australia!” Sydney Opera, animal encounters, the outback and and and! #GNTM

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My exotic, beautiful top models! © Damian Bennett

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In the next episode the girls go to Sydney, Australia. There, in the middle of the jungle, the first big nude shooting is scheduled, with which many of the girls have big problems. Especially Fata resists vehemently against the shooting. In addition, a paparazzo tries to photograph the girls. Julia has to go to the hospital because of an allergy and the girls have to do the decision walk on a red carpet.

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020