Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 7: Naked in the jungle – Topmodels in Australia

This week it was hot. For the girls it went to Australia and there was a nude shoot with animal shooting partners waiting for them. This did not only provide for enthusiasm! Candidate Julia fell ill and even had to go to the hospital. “Team Michael” had the chance to get a job at the “Berlin Fashion Week” at the “Maybelline” casting, which one of the candidates managed to do. The decision walk was delivered on a “Red Carpet”, in the middle of the harbour of Sydney. For one contestant, the journey came to an end this week. Check out the rundown here: New rules, new jury, the 11th season of GNTM.

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Germany’s Next Topmodel – All episodes of the 11th season

The Maybelline-Casting – Trembling for the Topmodels

After arriving in Berlin, “Team Michael” went straight to the Maybelline casting at the Berlin Fashion Week. Luana, Kim, Laura-Franziska, Lara and Laura were not the only models who wanted to get the job. Next to them: some successful models, which intimidated the girls a bit. One after the other, the candidates presented themselves with their model portfolios. The task: walk once for the jury and show some facial expressions in front of the camera. Especially Kim, Laura-Franziska and Luana pleased the jury. But not all of them could get the job, because Maybelline was looking for just two more models for their show at the Berlin Fashion Week. In addition to another model, the jury chose candidate Luana, which caused little enthusiasm among her fellow contestants. Laura: “I didn’t expect Luana. I actually thought they were looking for a real beauty face!”. Kim and Laura-Franziska were also surprised. For Luana it went on immediately: off to the fitting. There she met former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” winner Stefanie Giesinger, who also walked for Maybelline. But that wasn’t the only special thing about the job! Luana ran as the final runner and was thus allowed to “close” the show, which was a great honor for the future model. Also the very famous and successful top model Gigi Hadid was sitting in the audience of the Maybelline show. Luana was blown away, “I don’t even know what to say. I am so happy! First catwalk: passed. The job was really mega!”. Brand ambassador for Maybeliine, Boris Entrup, was also thrilled with Luana’s performance: “Luana is amazing. It’s a real pleasure to work with her. She held her own!”

Nude shoot in the jungle of Australia at GNTM 2016

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For the two teams it went in episode 7 to Sydney, the capital of Australia. After the 22-hour flight, the girls were driven directly to the hostel. A very special hostel, because the girls had to sleep in converted train cars. The new accommodation again caused bad mood and disappointed faces. But that wasn’t the only problem: contestant Julia had a bad allergy, her eyes and mouth swelled up, she got all hoarse and on top of that she had a bad cold. But she put up a brave fight and didn’t want to miss the shooting at all. A few hours later the next shooting was scheduled and that in the middle of the jungle. What the girls didn’t know yet: they were shooting completely naked that day! Nipple pats and adhesive strips covered the worst. Some of the girls didn’t like that at all. Especially Fata and Laura-Franziska had big problems to get used to the idea. While Fata decided against the nudity and wore skin-colored underwear at the shooting, Laura-Franziska dared to take the step and shoot naked. Furthermore, very special and animalistic shooting partners were waiting for the girls. Some girls shot with a koala bear, others with an alligator and many other Australian animals. What caused a sensation was a paparazzo who followed the team into the jungle and tried to get some snapshots of the girls. But Heidi and the crew knew how to help themselves and covered the shooting place with some cloths. After the shooting Julia went to the hospital. The doctor prescribed her some medication and Julia was allowed to go directly again.

The big decision of the GNTM jury – Red-Carpet Showdown

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In noble gowns by designer Michael Costello, the girls had to walk against each other on this decision day. Always one girl from “Team Thomas” and one girl from “Team Michael” drove up in a car and had to deliver a catwalk on a red carpet. Most of them succeeded very well. Especially Kim stood out positively, although the neckline of her dress revealed a lot of her cleavage after a few meters. Nevertheless Kim kept on walking and didn’t let herself be distracted. Lara, Camilla and Lara-Kristin were not able to convince the jury this week and therefore “wobbled”. After some deliberation and discussion by the jury, the decision was made: Lara-Kristin had to go. With this, “Team Thomas” had lost a candidate and now had to fight on as seven. “Team Michael” remained complete.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas.”

  • Taynara
  • Jasmine
  • Camilla
  • Elena
  • Elena C.
  • Julia
  • Fata

These are the girls from “Team Michael.”

  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Luana
  • Laura B.

Next Episode – Ice Cold Shoots And Hot Headlines

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In the next episode it’s about to get hot AND cold! The girls are in for a frosty shoot. In a -10°C cold Ice-Truck the girls become ice elves. But the next challenge will be hot. The challenge calls for flirting skills, because the girls have to find the right man to match their outfit on the beach. Some of the girls get pretty picky. But that’s not the only point of contention! Kim is also in for a big surprise, because her “nipple flash” at the last decision walk makes for hot headlines that put the girls in a tizzy.

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