Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 9: Pure luxury, biting shooting partners and tough decisions

Finally, the girls move into the luxury mansion in Los Angeles! Plus, the girls can snag a highly coveted job. An elegant shoot with bite-sized shooting partners is in store, and tough action is taken on decision day. Check out the rundown here: New rules, new jury, the 11th season of GNTM.

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Germany’s Next Topmodel – All episodes of the 11th season

The underwear casting – New challenges for the top models

The last day in Sydney was dawning. But instead of enjoying it relaxed in the city, a new job casting was on the agenda. The New Zealand lingerie label “Bendon” was looking for a model for the upcoming lookbook of “Heidi Klum Intimates”. But contrary to expectations, there were also other, already experienced models at the casting. This caused a lot of unrest among the girls. But Julia had completely different problems, because her model portfolio had disappeared. This did not go down well with the customers and Julia had to leave immediately. In the end Elena C. got the job, which especially disturbed Jasmin, who had also been on the shortlist. For Elena C. it went immediately to the shooting. The other girls continued their search for Julia’s modelbook in the hostel and finally found it: Fata had probably put the portfolio in her suitcase by mistake. Too bad that Julia had no chance to get the job!

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Off to Los Angeles – It’s going to be luxurious

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The next morning it was time to pack their bags, because the girls were going back to Los Angeles. And there a very special surprise awaited the girls. They were finally allowed to move into the luxury villa in the Beverly Hills. But that was not all! In the mansion heaps of gifts were waiting for the girls. Watches, cosmetics, sunglasses and a large infinity pool were ready for the girls. Full of enthusiasm and joy the girls threw themselves into the pool. But for Julia the week did not start very well. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. Mentor Thomas was very worried because Julia’s health just didn’t seem to improve. But she did not want to give up.

The golden twenties with Michael, Hajo and Heidi Klum

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Relaxing in the villa was not announced but for now. For the girls it went in the afternoon directly to the next big shooting. This time, however, was not Heidi the girls to the side. Thomas and Michael supported the girls at the upcoming shooting. And they needed it, because this time very special and especially biting shooting partners were waiting for the girls: Tiger pythons. That made the one or other candidate clearly to create. Especially Lara and Jasmin had terrible fears and great anxiety before the shooting with the imposing snakes. But the shooting partner was not the only hurdle. For the first time, the girls had to come up with their own picture composition. Thomas, Michael and photographer Mario Schmolka gave only a few tips. Now the girls dived into the “golden twenties”. In elegant lingerie and beautiful accessories the candidates posed in a noble theatre. Fata, Jasmin and Kim mastered the task particularly well. In the end, however, Jasmin was able to convince the mentors and received a great prize: a new Opel Adam. This caused a lot of envy, but Jasmin didn’t let it bother her any further.

The Big Decision- One-Dress-Walk and Hard Consequences

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The weekly decision was coming. And with it, many hard measures. Michael and Thomas had told Heidi about Julia’s poor health. The jury now had to act and decided to send Julia home. They had to live up to their responsibility towards the girls. Heidi: “Of course we are responsible. Not just for Julia, but for all of you to be okay. And we don’t think Julia is doing quite so well right now. And that’s why we had to make a decision whether Julia will stay on or not. And we think it’s better for Julia to leave the show!”. Words that shocked her fellow contestants. No one had expected the young contestant’s sudden exit and it affected the mood! But the Walk was coming up and now the girls had to pull themselves together. The girls had to complete a “One-Dress-Walk”. Not so easy! Lara, Laura-Kristin and Luana could not convince the jury with their performances and “wobbled”. While Lara and Luana got another chance, the journey at “Germany’s Next Topmpdel” came to an end for Laura-Franziska.

The next episode of Germanys Next Topmodel


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In the next episode there will be a wedding! Now the girls have to prove themselves as brides and actresses. Also, a huge fight breaks out. Everyone seems to be conspiring against Elena C.. Especially Jasmin and Fata are annoyed by their comrade-in-arms. I wonder if it’s pure envy talking?

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020