Premiere in Cologne – 20 years of Alarm for Cobra 11, the new season

Alarm for Cobra 11 – We are guests at the premiere. The success story Alarm for Cobra 11 continues. For the 20th anniversary of the great RTL action series, the new season was presented tonight in Cologne’s Cinedom. A reception with selected producers, media people and employees of the RTL group. They all came together in the big hall to watch the first new episode of Alarm for Cobra 11.

Red carpet for the premiere of the new season – police, blue lights and flamethrowers

In front of the cinema it was already spectacular. From far away you could only see many blue lights flashing. Several police cars are parked in front of the big cinema at the Mediapark. It seems as if a bank was just being robbed here. Fortunately, nobody wanted to rob a bank, every single police car was one of the original movie props of the action TV series. Flamethrowers are positioned next to the police cars. With each burst of fire, it seems as if an explosion is taking place behind the police cars. This alone makes the entrance to the movie premiere a spectacle.

Past the securitys we went now into the large entrance hall of the Cologne cinema. The large hall has room for over 500 people. On large twenty-meter screens we can then indulge in the perfect film enjoyment. In the cinema all the greats or actors of the series were already gathered. All with popcorn – as it must be in a cinema. That’s how it should be for a good TV evening, even if it’s in the cinema.

3, 2, 1 here we go. The new season Alarm for Cobra 11 from 07.04. on RTL

We would like to thank you once again for the invitation and are looking forward to the new season of Alarm for Cobra 11, which can be seen on RTL, starting April 7th, all over Germany.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

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Of course, the new season will again export to numerous countries around the world. Alarm for Cobra 11 has been a worldwide bestseller for a long time, so we are looking forward to the 21st year together with the new actors.