Ultimate Gentleman Guide: Tips for the first date

Ultimate Gentleman Guide: Quickly choose an outfit, spray a little perfume on and off you go: For some serial daters, it’s not that hard to get ready for a date. But for those who have been out of the dating scene for some time, or who are only now venturing into these unknown waters, we have compiled the important tips and tricks for you here. Here we proceed chronologically: Starting with the right outfit, over the right reading of the woman’s body language to the right farewell, you will find everything you need to know here.

Outfit, manners & body language: The biggest do’s and don’ts on a date

Of course you only want to show the best side of yourself on a date. But then sometimes you are suddenly so perplexed by the breathtaking view of the person opposite that you actually feel like all brain cells are switched off. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we are happy to help you with our ultimate guide.

Suit, jeans, shirt or sweater: The right outfit

Before the date, the question of the right clothes is of course one of the most important. And the wrong outfit can also be a real deal-breaker and thus quickly lead to the first basket. But which outfit is perfect for the first date? Rather casual or casual? Jeans or suit trousers? It all depends on the right mix, says influencer Alex Kosta. Decisive factors here are the combination of parts, the location, the time of day and how well you already know the lady. Of course the shoes should be clean and the hair should be neatly styled. You can see how it works here.

Table manners in the restaurant: From the welcome to the farewell

Every woman is different and so naturally has different ideas about dating. But the ladies all agree on one thing: bad table manners are an absolute no-go. Especially on the first date, some men shoot themselves out with it. But how does a woman expect to be welcomed at the table? Who pays the bill? Why is it important to treat the waiter correctly and how do you say goodbye afterwards? These questions are answered here. With a little humour, of course.

Interpreting body language correctly: Eye flirtation, foot positions & mischievous smiles

During the date it is always important to interpret the body language of the other person correctly. This can sometimes lead to a lot of confusion, as many signals can be misinterpreted and red flags can be easily overlooked. Only those who interpret the body language of the other person correctly can react appropriately. YouTuber Dan Bacon in particular is familiar with this. He describes here which signals a woman sends out during dates – often even without knowing it.

Fragrance Tip!

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Prominent tip from Hollywood legend Tiffany Haddish

Actress and Hollywood icon Tiffany Hadish knows all about the dating scene. After all, she has been the leading actress in many a romantic comedy. In an exclusive interview with the renowned men’s magazine GQ, she reveals her biggest dating secrets and tells the modern man of today how he can best wrap his sweetheart around his finger. Check out the informative (and to be honest also really funny) clip here.