Top 15 – The last girls fight for the victory!!!

There are only 15 girls left in the race for the title Germany’s next Topmodel. The competition is getting stronger and the tasks of the girls but by no means easier. Every week Shootings / CHallenges and of course the decision walk. But who will finally make it to the big final is still written in the stars. We remain curious and give you here again a little insight into the Top 15!

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Team Black – Thomas + 7 Girls

Thomas Hayo still has 7 girls in the running. This means he is just outnumbered by Team White. Nevertheless, he and his girls give everything to move into the final and win the title.

Céline – public favourite

The 18 year old from Koblenz is already number 2 in the social media ranking after the first episodes. The freckles and her slightly sweet and clumsy nature seem to go down very well with the audience. Find out more about the possibly next top model Céline.

Greta Faeser – Jury Favorite

Greta always delivers top performances. She is the jury’s and the audience’s favorite. On social media she has almost three times as many fans as some of the other contestants and every week she only gets further with praise. Greta currently has the best chance of making the final! You can find out more about her at Greta.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Julia – Grey Mouse Comes Out Of Herself

The 19-year-old Austrian is actually a very quiet and shy type. In the last episodes, however, she has proven that she can also be different. For her dream she always comes out of herself and grows beyond her limits. More about Julia .

Lynn – with catfight one round further?

Lynn has already proven once or twice that she can simply speak her mind. Whether she is so well received by the jury and the other candidates with this way, is the other question. If and how far Lynn will make it, we will see in the next episodes. You can find more about Lynn here.

Maja – get off to a flying start with short hair

After the Polish-born had to leave most of her hair in the makeover, she starts really well. She is very well received by the jury and gets through without any criticism. Untypical for GNTM she didn’t even do any drama during the makeover! You can find more about Maja here.

Sabine – As a loner into the final?

After the 23 year old had a fight with ex-candidate Nele, she seems to become an outsider in the following episodes. The typical accusation ‘You are different in front of the camera than behind the camera’ she had to listen to not for the first time. Will the sunshine survive this catfight and fight her way into the final? You can find more about Sabine here.

Serlina – Never Wiggled Before!

From the 22 year old you see and hear very little in the 12th season of Germany’s next Topmodel. She always got through to the next round without any problems and had no fights with other contestants. You can find more about Serlina here.

Team White – Michalsky + 8 Girls

Michael Michalsky still has 8 girls in the race. So he is just in the lead compared to Team Black. He and his girls give everything to move into the final and win the title again for Team White.

Anh – First Asian to win the title

Always in a good mood, Anh is a jury favorite and always delivers top performances. She is also popular with the other girls and has no quarrel with any other contestant. We give her a good chance to achieve her dream of being the first Asian to win the title Germany’s next Topmodel. You can find more about Anh here.

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Brenda – Social Media durchstarter

Brenda is also one of the favorites on the social media channels. She delivers top performances every week and convinces the jury again and again. We are excited to see how far Brenda will go and if she will make it to the final. You can find more about Brenda here.

Carina – always 200% there

The initially feared as a bitch candidate Carina does surprisingly well. She doesn’t always get along with the other girls, but has never had a catfight and convinces the jury every time anew. As Heidi says, she always gives 200%. You can find more about Carina here.

Giuliana – first transsexual to win the title

Giuliana, who was a bit shy and unhappy with herself at the beginning, is coming out of her shell more and more and is performing great every week. There is still some room for improvement, but she is on the right track! You can find more about Giuliana here.

Julia St. – Audience Favorite

Julia performs well so far and convinces the jury. Every week she gets new great pictures from Heid. You can find more about Julia St. here.

Leticia – Top Performances Without Bitching

Leticia never wobbled! She is right at the front and fights for a place in the final. She hardly gets any criticism from the jury and gets along great with the other girls. You can find more about Leticia here.

Soraya – favourite for the final

The so far rather inconspicuous Soraya steps more and more into the foreground. No criticism from the jury, no catfight with the other girls, that’s how you imagine a finalist, isn’t it? You can find more about Soraya here.

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Romina – Model experiences and still no job

Although Romina already has experience in the model business, she does not stand out as much as the other candidates. Whether she can score with her inconspicuous manner further with the jury, we will see. You can find more about Romina here.

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020