Zombie Boy / Rick Genest Interview with Soraya Wanya

Coming soon! Soraya Wanya meets one of the most popular top models worldwide: Rick Genest, better known as ZOMBIE BOY! His distinctive appearance brought him to the top. From punk life on the street, high up to the haute couture shows this world. Our blogger Soraya Wanya will meet the probably most extreme topmodel in the world for an exklusive interview.

Monday! The interview with ZOMBIE BOY from 6 pm

This is Rick Genest / Zombie Boy

Born in Québec, Canada, he was already an early adopter of the house occupying scene. At the age of 16 he did his first tattoos, when he lived in LaSalle. At the age of fifteen he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. That has shaped his life. His success came in 2010, when Nicola Formichetti (art designer and stylist of Lady Gaga) became aware of Rick. Modern, via Facebook. The story gets even brighter. She had to pay a deposit of 15,000 euros to allow Rick to leave the country to run his first fashion show in the USA in 2011, for Thierry Mugler. In 2011 he played directly in the video “Born this way” by Lady Gaga.

Take a look at the exklusive interview here: Zombie Boy interview.

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