Curls Rock: The ultimate guide – without heat, with heat or just over night!

Summer is here and the longing for voluminous curls, blatant power curls or cool beach waves is growing. For those of us who have straight hair, the methods presented in this article are ideal. We will show you how you can easily conjure up curls. The best part is that you don’t even need expensive equipment to do it. We have selected methods that you can easily and free of charge imitate. All you need is time and patience. In the following article we will show you different variations of curls, which will make your hair look very voluminous, up to curls like you have never seen before.

Tips for curls that you can make yourself

You have straight hair and everything you do to get a few curls into it has no use? Then try the following methods. We have picked out a colorful mix of different methods for you to help you. With or without heat, big or small curls, light waves or extreme volume: we have something for everyone. Have a look at the individual methods and decide for yourself which one works best for you!

Curls without heat: Is that even possible?

This question can be answered with a definite yes. Curling without heat is not only beneficial, it also protects your hair. Strong heat is harmful to your hair. High temperatures cause damage inside the hair. This not only results in dull hair, but also causes severe hair breakage. The stronger the heat that is applied to your hair, the more it is stressed and damaged. That is why the following methods are a blessing for your hair.

The first two methods are super easy, so that anyone – really anyone – can use these methods and have beautiful curls afterwards. With the first method you divide your hair into small sections and form small dutts with the individual strands of hair. Then you just have to wait (preferably several hours). Then you open your hair and your perfect curls are ready.

In the second method you use socks. Yes, you have read correctly: socks. Similar to the first method, you divide your hair into sections and wrap the strands of hair with the help of the sock, which acts as a kind of curler. At the end you only have to knot the socks together so that the individual dutts hold. Again, wait a few hours. Use this method before going to bed, so that you don’t have to walk around with the socks for hours.

Mini curls have power: the straw method

Mini power curls that would be something, wouldn’t it? With the straw method, anyone can have power curls for a day and it’s easy. You divide your strands of hair into very small sections. Then you take a straw and wrap the hair around it. You need a small rubber band to fix the hair. Again, you will need a little patience. After opening the strands you will be surprised how much your hair has changed.

Summer waves in your hair: Overnight and without heat

If you prefer to be a bit more discreet and just want to see some Beach Waves in your hair, check out this hair tutorial. All you need is a scarf or a thin towel. Divide your hair into two parts and place the towel or scarf in the middle of your head so that there is a piece of the scarf or towel on both sides of your head. Now you only have to wrap your hair around the scarf or towel. You should wait several hours to achieve a perfect result. Try it out!

Curling with curling iron and straightening iron

There are of course methods with devices that you can easily use to create magical curls. The advantage is that you don’t have to wait a night or walk around for hours with socks in your hair.

Very simple tips and tricks for curls with the appropriate devices

If you have a curling iron or straightening iron at home, you can use them fabulously. In her video, Dominokati shows you how to proceed best and which things you have to consider. Have fun watching and copying! But remember: as already pointed out, intense heat can damage your hair. So be careful about the temperature you work on your hair.

Hairstyle for every occasion: big curls all day long

Mrs Bella shows in her video her favourite hairstyle and explains how you can easily copy it. So grab everything you need and off you go.