The care guide for men

Skin care – For many men a mystery. No matter whether it is about the care of the body skin or about the facial care, many men can simply do nothing with the topic and do not deal with it. There are the most different products and to tinker from it an own and above all meaningful and effective routine is difficult for many beginners. Also the time expenditure is what bothers many in the skin care, because they often do not understand what the whole effort is actually good for. We’ll explain here exactly what your options are when it comes to skin and specifically facial skincare. We explain the different products that you should definitely keep in mind at the beginning and how you can best use them daily.

What do I need facial care for?

The man must provide his face with the right care is no secret and yet it often turns out to be a bigger problem than one might actually suspect to bring a man’s skin and facial care closer. Too often you hear that in the shower with the 6 in 1 Body Shampoo Conditioner and Co. simply everything is washed and the rest of the care routine does not exist. But it is very important to protect the face and skin in general with rich care. Not only does this prevent impurities such as the hated pimples, but can also make aging more beautiful. The better you take care of your facial skin, the less wrinkles you will have in your old age.

What are my options?

Skin care is very diverse for men, as well as for women. There are those of us who have no problem with standing in front of the mirror for a while in the morning and in the evening and deal with our care routine and then there is the other variety, which attaches extreme importance to spending as little time as possible in the bathroom. So the different skincare products available to choose from also differ to suit each routine. From all-in-one creams to care routines with more than five different products all for a different purpose.

Examples for your care routine

According to some experts, it is enough in the morning to wash the face and to provide with a rich sunscreen for moisture in the skin. In the evening, the whole thing looks a little different. It’s all about washing the day off your face and providing the skin with enough care to soak in overnight.

For the morning:

  • Mild cleansing of the face (washing foam, etc.)
  • Apply sunscreen (sunscreen for daily use on the face)

For the evening:

  • Clean face (cleansing oil)
  • Apply moisturizer (night cream)
  • Treatments (pimple cream, patches, masks & Co.)

What types of care are there?

Of course, the products also differ from each other. There are differences in the effect and of course also in the price range. From drugstore creams that you already get for 2 € to moisturizers from top brands for 900 € per 100mL you will find everything in the face care. We help you to find your way through the care products and show you the different types of products.


To rid the face of general dirt or grease that accumulates throughout the day and night in the morning or evening, cleanse your face with a selected product before continuing with your skincare routine.

  • Washing foam
  • Washing gel
  • Washing cream
  • Cleansing oil


So that the face, particularly in the cold season does not become tense or even tears before dry places, the suitable moisturizing care may not be missing naturally also.

  • Ointment
  • Face oil
  • Cream
  • Serum


To prevent or fight blemishes and pimple marks, wrinkles etc. treatments can be used. Either you can use them daily, or once to three times a week in a pleasant self-care session. To assess the regularity, one should either consult one’s dermatologist or follow the instructions on the packaging. Caution should be exercised when using physical peels on the face, as the thin skin on the face can easily be damaged by micro-tears during physical peels.

  • Masks
  • Peelings (physical or chemical)
  • Pimple Patches
  • Vitamin A or C
  • Niacinamide

The MANicure: Hands to fall in love with

Manicure and pedicure are not only something for women. Sure, nail polish, shellac or other chichi can be safely dispensed with, but nothing beats neat, tidy nails. You don’t have to go to a nail salon, a simple manicure set with nail file, tweezers, clippers and scissors is enough. Make sure that your nails are always freshly cut, without any residue.

If you’re on the road a lot for business or travel, a set with rounded tips is a good choice, so it can even accompany you on a trip in your hand luggage.

And while we’re on the subject of well-groomed nails, hand cream is another gadget that not only benefits women. Men in particular tend to often do manual work or a lot of weight training, which makes their hands uncomfortably rough. Want to impress your girlfriend or even a woman you don’t know yet? Then use hand cream regularly!

Proper body care

The facial skin is especially different from the body skin, as it is a lot more sensitive. Therefore, the care is oh divided into the two areas. Accordingly, in the body care there are other methods to take care of his skin. Not only can the body skin withstand higher doses of the various active ingredients, but there is also less risk of blemishes or micro injuries. Peels, for example, are much easier to apply and have oh-so-physically different effects than on the face, where this type of exfoliation should rather be avoided. However, the same applies here: Fragrance-free products are the best and mildest choice!

Shower gel

With the shower gel, just as with the cleansing of the face, the body should first be freed from dirt, sweat and even dead skin that accumulates on the body.

  • Shower cream
  • Shower milk
  • Shower gel
  • Shower oil


After showering, it is also important to moisturize and moisturize the body, similar to the face.

  • In-shower cream
  • Body oil
  • Body lotion


To completely remove all dead skin cells, exfoliation can help. Here again, a physical or chemical peel can be used, whereby the physical peel is not as dangerous on the body, as the skin on the body is thicker and not as prone to microcracks as the skin on the face. However, chemical peels are also good on the body and make the skin extra supple.

  • Physical peelings (e.g. from coffee or sugar)
  • Chemical peels (e.g. AHA or BHA)

Facial Care & Shaving

In our beard guide, we’ve already shown you how to get your facial hair into the right shape and which styles are currently on trend. With facial hair comes a few little problems that can often push your goal of beautiful skin further into the distance. You may suffer from razor bumps after shaving, making your skin look blemished. An impure skin appearance can be caused not only by lack of care, but also by too rough or too frequent shaving. ei some can of course also hide under a little groomed beard impure skin.

Distribute product with a full beard – Here’s how!

Who wonders whether the skin under the beard needs the same care as the rest is completely right. Many men think that they get around the facial care because a large part of their face is covered by a beard. But not only the beard itself needs care, but also the skin underneath needs the same care as the rest of the skin. The product can be worked into the beard a little more intensively than on the rest of the face area, so that the skin really comes into contact with the product and is cared for.

Smooth shave – What you should consider

Especially those who shave their face perhaps even daily, often have very irritated skin and suffer from redness or even shaving pimples. With the right care and the right products you can easily counteract this. First of all, you should make sure that the products you use are free of alcohol and contain no fragrances. This counteracts shaving pimples and at the same time ensures a smoother and more even skin texture.

Create your own care routine

Here’s a video on the basics of a grooming routine and how to put together your own: