The care guide for men

Skin care – For many men a mystery. No matter whether it is about the care of the body skin or about the facial care, many men can simply do nothing with the topic and do not deal with it. There are the most different products and to tinker from it an own and above […]

Skin care for men: the best tips and tricks against wrinkles, (shaving) spots and dark circles under the eyes

Skin care for men – Far too stubbornly holds the stereotype that men and skin care belong in two different worlds. But also as a man you have to fight with skin problems like pimples, dark circles and wrinkles. While gray hair and laugh lines can definitely look sexy on men, good grooming also makes […]

Face creams in comparison: L’Oréal, Nivea & Co.

Whether it’s actually women or men who block the bathroom for longer can probably never really be answered. If you would ask the men, it is probably only a few handles and you are already ready for the day. But for one or the other it can take a little longer – Why? Probably it […]

Beard styles: trends, cuts & tips for the perfect care

Men’s beards are also very trendy in 2021. Whether short or long – the style options for the male face are large. Especially in the current Corona everyday life characterized by lockdown and increased home office, your special beard type should not be neglected. So you want to make but also from home and especially […]

Body care for the man: What belongs to it – nails, beard, teeth & Co.

Shampoo as an all-round weapon is no longer relevant. The man of today attaches at least as much importance to appearance and care as his female counterpart. The trained eye of the woman immediately recognizes whether a man invests time in his appearance or not. White teeth, a perfectly trimmed beard, delicate hands or plucked […]

Care, styling and beauty – the ultimate guide for men

Not only the skin of women usually needs special care, but also men need special care products in order to maintain a well-groomed and attractive appearance. The selection of products ranges from head to toe, and in the beauty area there are more and more products for men, because good looks also need good care. […]

Chassis For Men: Powder instead of deodorant spray for the intimate zone – Sport & Business

Intimate care for the bottom – Between us men and in private! Today it’s 37°. I just saw a large group of young girls jogging by. None of them looked like it was hot. I, on the other hand, have just come from sport, dripping with sweat and yes, it doesn’t feel pleasant. The girls, […]