Face creams in comparison: L’Oréal, Nivea & Co.

Whether it’s actually women or men who block the bathroom for longer can probably never really be answered. If you would ask the men, it is probably only a few handles and you are already ready for the day. But for one or the other it can take a little longer – Why? Probably it is because of the application of facial and moisturizing creams and Co. which are becoming more and more popular with the male sex. It is not only women who pay attention to pure and well-groomed skin. For this very reason, we have dealt in this article with face creams “Only for Men” and have brought in direct comparison three men face care creams.

Face cream for men?!

Who now thinks face creams and the regular care of facial skin is only such a certain “women thing” has missed far. Also for the male faction, the daily care routine in front of the bathroom mirror is becoming increasingly popular. Numerous care products especially for men have established themselves on supermarket and drugstore shelves in recent years. For a long time now, clean and well-groomed facial skin has been a top priority for men as well. But how exactly do dry or oily skin surfaces develop? In order to answer this question, it should first of all be clearly pointed out that women’s skin differs from men’s skin in a few points and no generalization can be made. However, men’s skin is considerably thicker than women’s skin. Men’s creams tend to contain less lipid components as the male skin has a higher average lipid content than the female skin. But how exactly does this happen? The next section provides answers.

Dry skin

Normally, so-called sebaceous and sweat glands under the skin continuously ensure a balanced mixture of fat and water. This ratio is supposed to ensure that our skin surface remains supple. The feeling of dry skin occurs when too little oil is produced by the body. This protective mechanism is important to protect your skin from external influences such as UV radiation. Especially the face and the hands are very sensitive areas and therefore need regular care.

External factors

  • The weather
  • Nutrition
  • Stress and mental strain

Oily skin

As described in the previous section, dry skin produces too little oil and water. If the skin is too oily, the exact opposite is the case. Here, the body produces increased amounts of water and fat mixture. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, it is assumed that male hormonal factors play a role, on the other hand, there are special circumstances, such as phases of illness and the intake of medication, which are responsible for the excess oil production. Products for oily and blemished skin are supposed to reduce the excess fat layer. But watch out! These products should not have too strong a drying or degreasing effect. This would have the opposite effect and in the worst case would boost the oil production again. Which product is best suited for you primarily depends on your individual skin type.

Care routines: Video

How you can best counteract your personal skin problems with various products has been explained to you once in this sample routine:

When do you need a face cream?

Of course, this question is also difficult to answer in general. When and where you do your daily skincare routine is up to you. Keep in mind that taking care of your skin in a sustainable and clean way is not only about the right product. Washing your face regularly also helps protect your skin from dirt and germs. Washing should be done at the same time as using the skin cream. Because over the whole day, millions of dirt particles collect in your face, which are certainly not good for your skin. Our tip: Try to wash your face with water three times a day if possible. After getting up, at noon and in the evening just before you go to bed. In combination with a morning face cream, you should be well prepared to start the day. When using your face cream, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that you don’t reach for the tube too often and create a “yo-yo effect”.

Your go-to places for facial creams

In store or online: If you’re still unsure where exactly to get your skincare cream, try here first and get some advice.

  • DM
  • Rossmann
  • Pharmacy

Three popular brands compared

In the further course, we have picked out three Men’s face creams and compared them with each other. On the one hand, we have in the test the nourishing moisturizer Men Sensitive by Lavera and on the other hand, the Protect & Care face care cream by Nivea. Finally, we also compare the Hydra Energy moisturizer from L’Oréal Men Expert. with the other two creams.

Lavera Nourishing Moisturizing Cream Men Sensitive

  • One hundred percent natural cosmetics
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients
  • With ginkgo and organic bamboo
  • Provides the skin with long lasting moisture
  • Amount: 30 ml
  • Price: 6,31 Euro

If you believe the experiences and reviews of various online portals, the conclusion is quite positive. The cream by Lavera is quickly absorbed and convinces according to the testers even without being greasy. In addition, the very good dosage of the bottle is often emphasized, which is very economical with the contents. The natural cosmetic product is rounded off with a very low price.

Nivea Men Protect & Care Face Care Cream

  • Cares for the skin with aloe vera and panthenol
  • Provides the skin with moisture for 24 hours
  • Also suitable for care after shaving
  • Absorbs quickly and is not greasy
  • Quantity: 3 pack, 3 x 75 ml
  • Price: 29,45 Euro

Just like the first moisturizer of the brand Lavera, the Nivea Men product convinces all along the line. Both products provide 24 hours of moisture in a direct comparison. Especially for the care after shaving, the face cream of Nivea seems to have the nose in front. However, it is priced in the upper segment and is the most expensive product in our test comparison.

L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energy Moisturiser

  • Moisturizing care with matt effect and cooling effect without being greasy
  • The light gel texture ensures fast absorption
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Provides 24 H moisture
  • Amount 50 ml
  • Price: 5,95 Euro

The moisturizer from L’Oréal Men Expert also offers all-round protection throughout the day. Just like the two previously presented face creams, a quick absorption of the product into the skin is also positive. In addition, it has an extremely gentle and soothing effect. At 5.95 euros, the Hydra Energy cream is the cheapest product in our comparison.