Hair loss due to malnutrition – causes, remedies and medical interventions

Hair loss can have many causes. Before you can be treated with medication or even surgery, it is important that the causes of hair loss are known. For example, if your hair is falling out due to stress, you should not have a procedure such as a hair transplant. In most cases, the scalp will regenerate on its own once the stress subsides.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss can also be caused by genes. In this case, the hair roots react sensitively to the hormone testosterone. The hair follicles are weakened and restrict their growth. This can lead from thinning hair to complete baldness.

What many people are not aware of: hair loss can be caused by a wrong diet. Through the right diet, the hair roots manage to regenerate perfectly even in stressful times. For this it is important that you supply yourself sufficiently with iron, zinc, B vitamins, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and Co. In addition, there are important trace elements and minerals, which are only supplied by a balanced diet.

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With dietary supplements against hair loss due to malnutrition

Many medical professionals initially rely on supplements for hair loss. After all, we live in times that are quite stressful. To cook fresh every day, while paying attention to a sufficient supply of all nutrients, is hardly possible anymore. Therefore, there are a variety of pills that provide a concentrated load of vitamins and nutrients. Without much effort, planning and time you take magnesium potassium, calcium, vitamins and nutrients in optimal quantities.

But what substances does the human body need to keep our hair gorgeous?

Iron: Iron is not only found in meat, but also in legumes or wheat bran. Due to the lack of iron, the scalp can no longer be supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. In the long run this leads to hair loss. To increase the absorption of iron, you should take vitamin C regularly.

  • L-Cysine: L-Cysine is an amino acid whose task is the formation of new hair. This basic building block of hair ensures the regeneration of stable, strong hair.
  • Zinc: Through the absorption of zinc, keratin can be formed. This is the basic substance of the hair.
  • B vitamins: B vitamins provide an increased rate of hair growth. They also stimulate the cell division of the hair follicles, so that you can soon book an increased number of baby hairs again

PRP treatment against baldness

Through the PRP treatment you regain your magnificent hair. If, despite treatment with nutritional supplements, a lot of hair has fallen out, PRP treatment can help. The abbreviation stands for “platelet rich plasma” which can be translated into German as “plättchenreiches Plasma”.

For this purpose, dermatologists obtain the desired plasma from the patient’s blood. After processing in a centrifuge, a substance is obtained that is rich in growth-promoting components. With a small gun, which has an outlet diameter of 2 to 3 mm, this substance is injected deep into the scalp. After only a short time, the plasma begins to take effect. It stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, which is why the hair roots are stimulated. The hair roots thus receive a sufficient supply of oxygen as well as the previously missing nutrients. They are strengthened and form new, strong hair.
Special advantage of the method: there are hardly any allergic reactions, because only substances from your own body are used. The body already knows each plasma and does not reject it. The success rate of this treatment is very high.