I’m a Celebrity 2019: Get Me Out of Here Inside! Candidates & News

Dschungelcamp 2019 – The first episode starts and also this year many celebrities meet in the Australian jungle! From one day to the next there are many in the spotlight that we have not seen for a long time. Sun, palm trees and a little disgust factor: Perfect for the cold winter days! This year it is not only about honour and success for the VIPs and candidates but also about 100.000 € in cash! As every year the jungle camp is moderated by the sympathetic moderator duo at Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich. This year special candidates have announced themselves, e.g. Bastian Yotta, self-proclaimed millionaire, bon vivant and muscleman. But also Ex Germany’s Next Topmodel Gisele Oppermann. Who’d have thought? Already in the first hour she cries. Wow, welcome to Jungle Camp 2019!

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Who will be the winner in 2019? Episode 1

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Sandra Kiriasis – Olympic Bobsleigh Champion – Jungle Queen?

Already in the first jungle test Sandra Kiriasis has shown by a very cool and strategic superior that she definitely has the potential to win many jungle tests. But she not only has the sporting ambition, she is also simply nice – always a plus point to become the winner of the jungle camp. She is a winner type, after all she is multiple world champion and also Olympic champion, she has the necessary bite!

Bastian Yotta – Selfmade Millionaire from Los Angeles

The self-proclaimed self-made millionaire Bastian Yotta, who is known for his own show on ProSieben or was also known for his divorce from his ex-wife, has put on an extra 3 kilos of fat in order not to lose any muscles. Through his trained body and his ambition, he also works as a motivational coach, he has great potential to win many exams and of course to hold out for the full two weeks.

Chris Töpperwien – “Currywurst man”, Yottas biggest competitor and jungle king?

Known from “Adventure Life” the Currywurst King is especially for Bastian Yotta big competition! What’s the matter with you? Both had stress on Instagram already in the run-up. Be curious!

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Sibyl Smoke – The Erotic Icon

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Der Tiefe Fall einer Sexbombe Playmate. Erotik-Star. Sibylle Rauch schafft es mit "Eis am Stiel" ganz nach oben. Doch dann folgt der gnadenlose Absturz. Das plötzliche Ende ihrer Erotik-Karriere reißt sie in ein tiefes Loch: Sibylle Rauch nimmt Drogen, verliert ihre Wohnung, rutscht in die Prostitution ab und versucht sich das Leben zu nehmen. Doch zum Glück wird ihr geholfen. Jetzt will Sibylle Rauch ihre Geschichte bei "Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!" erzählen. Am 11. Januar ziehen sie und elf weitere Promis ins Dschungelcamp 2019 ein. ???? #ichbineinstarholtmichhierraus #ichbineinstarholtmichhierraus #dschungelprüfung #dschungelcamp #ibes #ibes2019 #dschungelcamp #dschungelcamp2019 #sibyllerauch

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Gisele Oppermann – Model

Most of you know Gisele Oppermann from Germany’s Next Topmodel. Here she was known for tears, tears, tears. Before the catwalk, after the catwalk. Already in the first jungle exam… tears! After all, she’s staying true to herself.

Evelyn Burdecki – Bachelor candidate

Evelyn is the new Verona Poth. From show to show the blonde fights her way forward, plays or is always a little naive but constant. In 2017 she was at 3 shows, in 2018 already at 5 shows, in 2019 she starts directly at the Dscungelcamp. An excerpt from Wikipedia:

  • 2014: Take Me Out (RTL)
  • 2017: The Bachelor (RTL)
  • 2017: Celebrity Big Brother (SAT.1)
  • 2017: tough: Evelyn Burdecki’s colourful world (ProSieben)
  • 2018: Bachelor in Paradise (RTL)
  • 2018: Beat the Box (VOX; 4 episodes)
  • 2018: Fort Boyard (SAT. 1)
  • 2018: Grill the professional (VOX)
  • 2018: Ingeniously beside it – The quiz (SAT.1; 2 episodes)
  • 2019: I’m a star – get me out of here! (RTL)

Domenico de Cicco – Evelyns Ex and Bachelorette candidate

Leila Lowfire – sex expert

Peter Orloff – Schlager-Star & Producer

Doreen Dietel – Actress

Felix van Deventer – GZSZ-Star

Tommi Piper – Actor & Voice of Alf

Start of the first episode: Directly to jungle testing

At 21:15, the show started on RTL, in the middle of the Australian jungle, the two presenters greeted an audience of millions in front of the television. Like every year the jungle camp will probably be a real success again this year. This year the jungle camp does not start as usual from the Hotel Versace, but it goes directly to the jungle exam!

No time for presentations and stories from the past: Team 1 has to go 100 meters high into the air. Both groups will enter the competition directly this year. So for group one, it was a high-rise. A narrow steel scaffold, only 30 centimeters space and ten meters above the abyss. The task: The candidates must press the green button at the end, exactly in the right second.

Ex Germanys Next Topmodel Gisele suffers a crying fit

No problem for most, except for Germany’s Next Topmodel Gisele. She already got the first crying cramp, although she wasn’t even over the abyss – not even on the catwalk. Who’d have thought? Already in the first hour Gisele has her first crying cramp. While all the others simply walked the 10 meters over the abyss, she was already standing with wobbly knees at the beginning. Less than five seconds later, the first tears flowed and the famous sentence came:

I’m a star getting me out of here!

Test 1: Failed (skyscraper) and Test 2: Failed (maggots eat). Victory and defeats: We will be there for you in 2019!

For the second group around Domenico de Cicco, ex Bachelor and ex porn star Sibylle Rauch we went to the jungle check. Change your clothes, do not take any forbidden objects with you, off to the first jungle test! While the first group could still let off steam over the roofs of the city jungle, group 2 had to tackle the disgusting tasks directly! Four big buckets with cockroaches, maggots and everything the jungle has to offer. While in the previous seasons the celebrities were introduced first, very extensively and mostly on a yacht with Prosecco, it went this time directly into the jungle test.

The task: Finding balls between maggots and cockroaches

In the four boxes there are several balls with which the candidates have to hit targets to win stars. Of course they are not allowed to take the ball out with their hands but have to do it with their mouths! Super disgusting! Still, everyone tried! Two stars were awarded at the end for the second team. Afterwards the jungle camp participants were allowed to go to the base camp. Bastian Yotta provides motivation and the first topic of conversation:

“I am strong! I am healthy. I am full of energy”

We continue with motivation training by Bastian Yotta and the first blasphemies before the toilet about him. The stress between Yotta and Chris Töpperwien in particular made headlines in the run-up to the event – more about this in the portraits. But they are not the only ones, also Evelyn Burdecki and Domenico de Cicco have a lot to talk about. After the two met on RTL, it was quickly over again. What’s the matter with you? Dominico had a girlfriend and she was 7 months pregnant! In the camp, the two of them get close again quickly:

Evelyn Burdecki and Domenico de Cicco flirt?!

What? Already after 5 minutes both cream themselves directly next to each other, smile, flirt a little already. This after all the headlines of the last weeks! The two separated, directly after the joint season “Bachelor in Paradise”.

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Who goes to the first big jungle exam?

One tube and millions of cockroaches! To the first jungle test: Giselle!

First broadcast missed? Stream here the whole episode

All episodes can now be found here in the 2019 Guide. No matter if you missed a show or want to watch it again, here you will always find directly and even live, the Jungle Camp 2019!

Here you will find the entire first episode to watch and stream online:

Giselle in the first jungle test – Episode 2

Day 2 at the jungle camp! Ex Germanys Next Topmodel Giselle has to compete in the first big test in 2019. Leila says if Giselle doesn’t bring anything, she’ll get barbecued! Clear announcement to achieve something. Giselle appears like an Amazon, with Undercut.

Canal Fatal – spiders, snakes and 12 stars in discharge

Yesterday, Giselle aborted twice directly. The first exam is also the first appearance of Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob’s been with us for year one. Did you know? Dr. Bob is not a real doctor but trained paramedic! Giselle has 12 minutes and conveniently a bikini underneath – she takes off her pants, all for the odds! But: Giselle doesn’t cry! Despite toads, mealworms and many more… and then: fear. There are holes in the drain pipe on the left and right. Giselle must reach into the holes and get the stars. I’d like to tell you more now, but Giselle won’t even try! She doesn’t dare until hole 5, mud crabs! Does she dare? No, there’s a cockroach up there. Has Giselle ever seen jungle camp? No, she says! And Sonja says, “Are you here just for the money?” No answer. 12 minutes of pure boredom.

She makes it into hole number 8. Only 3 minutes left and she dares at least to dive into a water basin. Without animals, without… this door was certainly built in extra as Plan B. Boring! The final result: 5 out of 12 stars. Giselle also says, “I’m not so happy with myself.”

Giselle is boring – Therefore rather: Dr. Bob private!

So, you better get back to the real story about Dr. Bob! Giselle? Fail!

Daily Soap: Domenico and Evelyn

Of course it will be exciting again with Domenico. If he had done something different in his life – especially in relation to “Bachelor in Paradise” with Evelyn. Domenico says it wasn’t until he got back that he found out about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. He says, “Much has changed since the little one was born,” and he goes on to say, “You appreciate things other than the superficial ones […] I’ve arrived. Remember that flirt scene from episode one? Suddenly Yotta is back and the Currywurst man! But suddenly Chris comes – the Currywurst Man! Good-humoured, with sunglasses and Yotta’s gaze says a thousand words!

But then Giselle comes back to camp, we remember: 5 out of 12 stars. What’s she doing? She’s crying! Slimy from the sewer and with Undercut she cries, as she did during the day. She “feels paralyzed” and “super weak.” She’s wondering why she’s even here. Good question Giselle! Like the host said, “Didn’t you check out the jungle camp before?” No! All Giselle wants left is water. At the waterhole everyone from the camp is waiting and when she talks about her 5 stars: Let’s hear it. That saves the day for now.

Why isn’t she happy? Maybe we’re wrong about Giselle, maybe she’s wrong about herself. Others would’ve been happy, she’s putting herself down. Good thing she’s got a team building her.

Next scene: Giselle has to go to the jungle phone. She looks in for a second, sees a moth: howl!

Guaranteed airtime! Now we take a break with Giselle.

Tommi Piper doesn’t want any more! Alcohol-dependent woman

Tommi Piper (actor and voice of the successful series “Alf”) is together with his alcohol-addicted wife and tells it directly in episode 2 about Dschnungelcamp. They’ve been married for 10 years but Tommi Piper doesn’t feel like it anymore. Giselle and Tommi and already Evelyn comes and we continue with Domenico. “The story is really gross, actually” – says Evelyn. It has been less than 3 months since the separation to “Bachelor of Paradise” came. Quietly she speaks to Giselle “Sometimes it comes up to me why you deserve this in the first place”. When she came up with the subject yesterday, Domenico was right on it. That still seems to be in Evelyn.

With some like Tommi Piper the first stories already come to light. Every celebrity has his story straightened out. Giselle also says “you don’t know if there’s anything left between them when you see the looks between them”. Currently she still sees an injury with Evelyn, otherwise she would not think constantly about it.

Who needs to take the next jungle exam?

For the 2nd Dschnungelprüfung the race was close. The decision was made between Giselle and Bastian Yotta. Tomorrow Giselle must line up!

Entertainment guaranteed! As good as long not – Episode 3

Right at the beginning: Penalties! What’s the matter with you? Plates were washed in the brook, Mr. Yotta was and quickly reassured: “It doesn’t matter who it was!” I see. Giselle cries because she has to take the second big test. Bastian Yotta immediately takes care of it with new mental coaching. In addition Thorsten Legat, ex-player profile and ex-candidate gets his first small moderation chance. If you want to see him more often, RTL Plus will show you another hour with illustrious guests like Olivia Jones every evening, right after the jungle camp! Day 3 in the jungle camp!

Day 3 in the jungle camp: Giselle fails again in the test

Giselle must dive into the ship of horror, which of course also means diving. What crocodiles do to Giselle we already learned in the 6th hole of the 2nd exam. After all, Giselle smiles, even with diving goggles.

And as always: “I want to get rid of my clothes again” – of course.

Oh no… oh… like yesterday we break off right here! 12 minutes of screaming, tears and despair. Back to Yotta + Curry Man. While I was about to go to the coffee machine, Giselle suddenly jumps… and back again. On-Off!

I’m a star, get me out of here #3

Dispute over the beds: Chris Töpperwien vs the whole team

Domenico as boss wants to enforce a reasonable rule: Everything should be able to sleep well and because there are too few beds, it should rotate. Especially for the elderly. Chris Töpperwien, however, doesn’t see that, because he has a bed! He indirectly attacks Domenico verbally and says that there will certainly be stress. Then, of course, comes Mr. Yotta and the direct counter from Töpperwien: “I know exactly who you are” – now it will be exciting! Good thing Giselle finished the exam so fast again. Right – there was something else – in a few minutes Giselle comes back from the test, with 0 stars.

Giselle at the end: 0 stars and she will “go out”

7.58 a.m. in Australia, Giselle comes back to the camp with laughter and “O stars”, immediately the faces of the celebrities get serious. Especially Mr. Yotta doesn’t think it’s funny: “stress”, “disaster”. Good thing he got himself an extra 3 kilograms of fat before. Worse, he says “I’m losing the desire to coach her” – shock! But it gets even harder when the bed question arises again. Giselle can’t cope with it and “can’t imagine it”, “exams are stress enough” for her. And tears!

“I want to leave soon anyway!”

“I’m going out anyway”

Change of scene to the waterhole: blasphemy about Yotta. Chris Töpperwien and Giselle talk about “cheating” and “promises”, “people didn’t get their money back”. Chris Töpperwien tells a lot more, but we don’t want to go into it. He thinks that Yotta would have lost control faster. Especially his looks, his reactions: For him, Bastian Yotta is dangerous. But they also have little sympathy for Leila Lowfire, the sex expert and Doreen Dietel (actress).

Tomorrow we continue in the Jungle Camp – Episode 4

Tomorrow we’ll continue in the jungle camp!

Facts about the new season

Eskalation between Yotta and the Curry King? Sex under the waterfall?

We’ll tell you everything – tonight!

Where is the jungle camp actually shot?

Fake or not? Studio, Jungle or Tropical Island? Where is the jungle camp actually filmed? There are a lot of questions about the show “I’m a star, get me out of here”. In fact, the show takes place in a real part of a jungle. For each season different TV stations alternate, in January it’s Germany’s turn. Here are all the facts: Yeah, there’s the jungle. Yeah, there’s the waterfall. See for yourself:

The way to the jungle camp, simply walked on Google Maps:

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Jungle King and Winner 2019

We can’t tell you yet who will be the winner of the jungle camp 2019! But here we have all the ex-winners of the last seasons for you again:

  1. Jungle King 2004: Costa Cordalis
  2. Jungle Queen 2004: Désirée Nick
    Then there was a little pause…
  3. Jungle King 2008: Ross Antony
  4. Jungle Queen 2009: Ingrid van Bergen
  5. Jungle King 2011: Peer Kusmagk
  6. Jungle Queen 2012: Brigitte Nielsen
  7. Jungle King 2013: Joey Heindle
  8. Jungle Queen 2014: Melanie Müller
  9. Jungle Queen 2015: Maren Gilzer
  10. Jungle King 2016: Menderes Bagci
  11. Jungle King 2017: Marc Terenzi
  12. Jungle Queen 2018: Jenny Frankhauser