The clothes paradise: Finding your way between colours, cuts and prices

The temperatures are rising steadily and the dress season begins again. But dress is not always the same dress. We do not only distinguish between summer and evening dress, but every single cut has its own designation. From the cocktail dress to the evening dress to the dirndl, there are many different cuts. However, not only the cut of a dress is crucial, but the colour and the style have to underline the personality of a woman. We have not only informed you about the different types of dresses, but also found out where you can buy such dresses cheaper at auction.

The variety of dresses: cocktail, sheath and strap dresses

For the selection of a dress is not only the underlining of the personality an important factor, but also the occasion plays a decisive role. Is it a club visit, a picnic date in the park or a wedding? Which cut do you wear for which occasion?

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Noble & Chic – Suitably dressed for the exclusive events

As soon as a distinguished event is approaching, many women ask themselves the question: What do I wear? It must not be overdressed, but also not underdressed. Nevertheless, noble dresses are often in a higher price range. We have found an online shop for you where you will not only find a suitable dress for every occasion, but also benefit from low prices. For the future, the motto is: find chic dresses at low prices at Baur. At Baur there are not only cheap dresses, but also home textiles, shoes, furniture and much more. But before you start looking for the right dress, you first have to find out which cut is the right one:

Cocktail dress

The cocktail dress dates back to the 50s and is one of the most elegant dresses. It was invented by the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. This dress has always been worn to cocktail parties, receptions or openings. Such a women’s dress is always at least knee-length and at most calf-length. In addition, it is relatively close to the body. The cocktail dress is especially popular because it hits the golden mean between a pompous ball gown and an everyday summer dress.

Sheath dress

A sheath dress looks like the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. Sheath dresses usually go to the knees, but they can also be shorter. In addition, it is always tight at the hips and waist, so that the figure is emphasized. The sheath dress is perfect as a dress for the office or for a smaller event, like a birthday or baby shower party.

Evening dress

The evening dress, we all know and love it. Rather rarely it happens that we can dress for a wedding, a ball or a gala. That is why it is always something very special. To feel like a princess for one evening, that’s what many women take for their wedding day. The evening dress always offers a little taste of this day. An evening dress is usually floor length and the upper part of the dress fits close to the body. The skirt can either be flared and voluminous or also close to the body. Otherwise, there are no limits to the look of evening dresses. There are long or short sleeves and also the fabrics can vary.

Loose & Breezy from Spring to Summer

When spring starts, it’s not only festive dresses that we think about and look forward to. It is much more the thought of wearing the first airy summer dress that makes our heart beat faster. It is often the case that plans are made the day before as to which summer dress will be worn to meet up with your best friend at the lake. Wearing a dress gives a feeling of freedom and joy.

Strap dress

A strappy dress is perfect for summer temperatures. Bright colors and interesting patterns lift your spirits and make you start the day with energy. As the name suggests, strappy dresses have narrow straps so that your shoulders are free and you can get through the day without hot flashes.

Blouse dress

Characteristic for a blouse dress is a button placket. This can either go from the collar all the way down or end earlier at waist level. Since a blouse dress is usually rather loose, the waist is often emphasized by a belt. Blouse dresses come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Since most blouse dresses have long or half-long sleeves, they are also suitable as transitional dresses.

Knitted dresses

A knitted dress is the perfect way to ring in the dress season. At the beginning of the year you feel the desire to wear a dress again for the first time? But it’s still too cold for your favourite summer dress? A knitted dress could be the ideal alternative for you. You can fulfil your desire to wear a dress, but you don’t have to be cold. Some women even dare to wear knitted dresses in winter.

Summer dresses

The sun is beating down on your head, the air is muggy and you’re wondering whether today is the day for a big ice cream or a visit to the swimming pool. The ideal day for a summer dress. Summer dresses are usually held in bright, bright colors and decorated with flowers or other patterns, depending on the current fashion. They come in a wide variety of cuts, fabrics and colors. Depending on your preference, you should start collecting your summer dresses for the next summer in time.