Under Armour: Innovation and revolution in the sports market

Under Armour – From Grandmother’s House to the Super Bowl Stadium

How do you become faster, bigger and better? By revolutionizing the world of sports and dedicating yourself to the needs of athletes. The American Kevin Plank, based on a personal concern, created solutions to a problem that many people were not even aware of before. The former foodball player from Baltimore complained about inadequate cotton sportswear that limited athletes’ performance.

I was a not-big-enough, not-fast-enough football player who wanted a little bit of an edge on the field. Someone had to create a better alternative.” Kevin Plank (Source: The Washington Post)

Plank solved the problem by developing a T-shirt in 1996 that absorbs sweat and cools at the same time. His initial goal of developing temperature-regulating garments that made the body more efficient by providing compression and wicking sweat away from the skin was long gone.

Under Armour’s exemplary rise to the Olympus of sports brands changed sportswear forever. What began in a small room in the grandparents’ house has become a global brand whose revolutionary idea is already being imitated by global market leaders such as Nike and Reebok. While Plank was still organizing his business from his grandparents’ house, he signed a deal with the National Football League, which is still equipped by Under Armour today. Today, the brand equips athletes of various disciplines and levels.

The product promise: A more efficient setup

Under Armour literally promises protection against the elements. A promise that the company fulfils in many ways. Under Armour is modern but above all versatile. Both the product range and the sports the brand supports are innovative and multi-faceted. Ballet, golf, baseball, lacrosse, football or basketball. Professionals and amateurs alike trust the quality of Under Armour. The original combat sportswear manufacturer now also produces leisurewear in addition to sports equipment. The US-American sportswear manufacturer offers products for women, men and teenagers for every situation: HeatGear, ColdGear and AllSeasonGear make it possible to be more efficient and therefore more successful worldwide. In addition to clothing and protective equipment for foodball or lacrosse, the manufacturer’s range also includes shoes and digital tools for a healthier lifestyle.

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Innovative products

Under Armour takes risks compared to the competition and thinks future-oriented not only about tomorrow, but also about what the day after tomorrow could be. With innovative technology, far beyond apps, the brand combines sportswear with technical progress. The goal is to give the consumer an intense, improved feeling. He himself is the center of attention and cannot be distracted by anything or anyone.

The digital shoe

It is 2016 when Under Armour sets a milestone in the digitization of running experiences. Fitness tips, route trackers etc. are already available. Why not go one step further and make the running experience even more intense? The UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped is a smart shoe that tracks and stores data. Never again carry a cell phone while running. Never again manually track duration, date, distance, etc. Run free and relaxed forever. Under Armour always goes one step further and thinks about tomorrow’s things.

The Recovery Shirt – rest. Win. Repeat.

Following the motto “After sport is before sport”, Under Armour 2018 developed a T-shirt with the promise of faster and better muscle recovery. A special print on the inside absorbs heat and reflects the gained energy back into the skin. The athletes’ potential is thus not only exploited but also improved.

Fun Facts about Under Armour

  • Before Kevin founded Plank Under Amrour, he worked in a flower store, parked cars and sold T-shirts at concerts
  • Plank regularly wrote Christmas cards to Nike founder Phil Knight: “Dear Mr. Knight, you don’t know me yet but one day you will hear of me. Nowadays he gets messages like that himself.
  • The name “Under Armour” came about by chance. While the original names were already taken, Planks brother gave it to him by a slip of the tongue, the distinctive name.
  • Under Armour’s British spelling is due to the circumstances of the time. The Internet was still in its infancy and Plank did not believe in its implementation. The number for “Under Armor” had already been assigned, so the British spelling was used.
  • The company’s first patent was for a sports bra.
  • In 2000 Plank bought an advertising page in ESPN Magazine and invested all his money. Even many employees waived their wages for the advertising campaign


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