Fashion Show Highlights from Moncler – Luxurious Sportswear & Theatrical Runways

Moncler is internationally known especially for its quilted down jackets in the upper price segment. The brand is inspired by modern and urban styles. This is reflected not only in the collections but also in the runway shows. Who thinks Moncler lets his models walk over any catwalks, is wrong. Every fashion show tells its own story – unexpected plot twists, foreign dancers and unusual settings included. Check out the highlights here.

Moncler – A fashion empire revolutionizes sport & fashion

René Ramillon was a French businessman who produced mountain sports equipment. In 1952 he finally founded the Italian fashion brand Moncler. He derived “Moncler” from the name of his home village Monestier de Clermont, which is located in the French winter sports area Val d’Isére. The brand became famous for its unusual articles, collaborations and extraordinary and magnificent stores all over the world. Already in 1968, Moncler was the official supplier at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. In the 1980s Moncler changed into a lifestyle brand.

Varied ready-to-wear collections for the summer

Moncler is not only popular in winter, but also during the warm seasons. From sporty to youthful playful – there is something for everyone. The brand also presents the most important must haves and accessories of the summer every year. Take a look at the favourites of our editorial team here.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Original sports fashion with a touch of nostalgic disco

Experimental. Intriguing. Almost revolutionary. This or something similar could be the description of the Moncler 2018 Summer Collection. This time the brand’s sporty vibe was joined by DiscoFever, with sparkling disco balls on the catwalk and professional dancers during the opening.

Sustainable summer collection with well-behaved cuts and prints

Feminine and playful was the motto of Moncler’s Fashion Show 2016. Here you could find baroque dresses, rich ornaments and lots of white lace. For the summer, the designers Monclers also focused on trouser suits with country embroidery. Check out the whole fashion show here.

Captivating fashion show including unexpected plot twist

“It’s a great way to show Moncler’s strength in winter and spring,” said Creative Director Browne after the show. Innovative and varied. Not only the collection, but also the fashion show should be that way. Almost complete metamorphoses took place on the catwalk, taking the models and the audience on a journey full of different weather conditions and destinations.

Modern urban clothing meets French tradition

The Gamme Rouge summer collection 2017 was all about France. So it was urban clothing with a touch of French history. The main colours were red, white and blue. Random Fact: The fashion brand had over 10 tons of sand delivered especially for this spectacular setting. Watch the entire show here.

Luxurious winter collections with dramatic staging

Moncler loves theatrical productions. Of course, they should not be missing at the fashion shows. While the summer collections are always characterized by a touch of lightness, the creative heads of Monclers put a shovel on it for the winter collections. Convince yourself here.

Romantic coats and feminine cuts for autumn

The Fall-Winter Show in Paris. A very unusual catwalk with autumnal leaves and bushes on the floor and in the background a simulated forest, which fits perfectly to the Fall-Winter collection of the brand.

Exciting performance and voluminous down jackets in icy cold

The presentation of the 2016 winter collection was spectacularly frosty. Moncler had invited the Japanese dance team Shudankodo, which gave a breathtaking performance at minus temperatures on Lincoln Center Plaza. Later the models presented the latest collection. Have a look at the whole clip here.

Classic and sporty at the same time: winter collection of the extra class

Inspiration for the 2017 Winter Collection was mountaineering and hiking. This is also reflected in the garments. The fabrics, patterns and colour combinations were rather unconventional this time: carabiners, ropes, rubber and nylon were often seen. Fur and wool were also often used to protect against the icy temperatures.

Theatrical winter fairy tale full of woolly hats and extravagant capes

For the fashion show of the 2017 winter collection, the Moncler fashion empire chose a dramatic staging of the highest order. The catwalk resembled a winter palace and the live orchestra played classical arias. Enchanting and romantic at the same time – that was the best way to describe the fashion show. See for yourself here in the video.

The luxury brand Backstage – charming, open & honest

The success of Moncler does not just come from somewhere, of course. After all, there are decades of work behind it. Who is behind the success of the brand and how it happens during a typical Moncler fashion show, you can see here.

Exclusive view behind the scenes of a Moncler Show

What happens in the minutes before the fashion show? Who is involved in the production? This video takes you behind the scenes of a Moncler Fashion Show.

The likeable CEO Remo Ruffini in interview

In 2003 the Italian Remo Ruffini took over the fashion empire Moncler. He is one of the main characters who have made the label’s success to this day. What visions does he have for the future? And why does he think collaborations are so important? You can find out here in an interview with the journalist Mimma Viglezio.