Gucci – The best catwalks, collections and interviews

Gucci, a high quality and exclusive designer brand, known above all for its glamorous and exceptional high fashion fashion. Gucci’s extravagant collections are now sold all over the world and are only presented at the most prestigious fashion shows, but not only celebrities and famous personalities in the fashion industry want to take a look at Gucci fashion. Get exclusive insights into the fashion shows, collection and models, but also take a look behind the scenes.

Gucci – exclusive creations & never ending inspiration

It all began in 1921: Founded by the Italian Guccio Gucci, the luxury brand initially concentrated solely on the manufacture and sale of exclusive leather goods and handbags. Due to his training as a master saddler, the designer often drew his inspiration from the equestrian sport. It took a few decades and so the big breakthrough came only 30 years later. This was followed by internationally acclaimed collections, award-winning fragrances and breathtaking fashion shows. After a dispute with the founding family, the luxury brand was reoriented: under the creative direction of Tom Ford, Gucci’s collections became more youthful, flashy and light-hearted. This is reflected not only in the colours and cuts of the dresses, but also in the fashion shows and commercials.

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Innovative and contrasting winter collections

Gucci’s winter collections are elaborate, innovative and a blend of modern and contemporary. Most of the time the collections are made up of muted, cloudy and darker colors, such as blue, green and especially black. In addition, the outfits are made of heavy, thick and somewhat stiff, but nevertheless high-quality materials. These include especially knitwear, fur, fur or even multiple lace. But although the summer and winter collections differ slightly in design, materials, colors and cuts, they all reflect the Gucci philosophy and brand and are linked by a unified concept. Because Gucci places great emphasis on quality, individuality and attention to detail.

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Women’s collection full of pastel and romantic outfits

Gucci presents its latest fall and winter collection for women, which consists of colorful, romantic and playful looks. Their exciting and new creation of fabrics as well as colors gives a new dynamic to their fashion. Furthermore, the fashion is presented on an unusual catwalk: Through a transparent wall the audience can also have a look at the backstage area of the show.

Classic cuts and playful looks for the men

Gucci’s new fall and winter collection for men is sometimes very playful and therefore looks more feminine, but sometimes also very masculine and sporty again. This is because Gucci deliberately wants to emphasize the different sides of men and not offer too gender-specific looks.  The catwalk is dominated by a swinging pendulum that symbolizes the change in fashion through time.

Unusual haute couture and individual outfits

For the 2019 fall and winter collection, Gucci redirected fashion towards individuality, breaking all gender norms. Models often wore a classic-cut trouser suit, but many of the pieces were unfinished, with basting stitches that traced seams or raw edges in other places. Different identities, into and out of which one can slip as easily as a woman swapping her Gucci sneakers for silver platforms.

Extravagant summer collections in typical Gucci style

Not only are Gucci’s winter collections a real eye-catcher, but also its summer collections, which either feature modern and classic cuts or have romantic and playful fabrics integrated into the looks. The outfits in the collections refer to different themes, ranging from 70’s or 80’s to antiquity, which have a significant impact on looks. Thus the summer collections include many creative 80s looks with modern and hip cuts and eye-catching accessories such as large statement chains, unusual glasses and colourful hats. But also a lot of outfits are inspired by antiquity and therefore consist of romantic lace, many gold and silver tones and exclusive high-quality fabrics.

Modern high fashion with a touch of avant-garde

This collection focuses even more on unusual and creative fashion, as the catwalk was kept more traditional and classic. Gucci’s new spring collection deliberately uses the color contrasts of black and multicolored, as well as the contrast of straight cuts to overloaded fabrics, and picks up on the accessories and details of the 70s and 90s.

Top-class contemporary fashion show in Paris

In this new collection, Gucci generously referred to historical clothing, such as a draped toga over a plaid suit, and dressed male and female models in the familiar red and undyed white wool of Roman army uniforms. The models present the fashion between ancient statues in almost total darkness, illuminated only by torches placed on the seats of the guests.

Extravagance of the 80s as a model of glamorous fashion

This show by Gucci 2019 featured extravagant couture dresses, with very elaborate 80’s shoulder lines, and impeccably cut 70’s suits with high waists. The collection, with its colourful and elaborate looks, adorned with details such as fringes, represented a night that resembled a party and was not to end yet.

Glamorous and trendy looks full of glitter

This Gucci show offered an intense and experience. The collection was full of glitter and glamour, 80’s shoulders, English tweed, Disney and Sega references. The catwalk was a cavernous, foggy, half-lit hall full of replica antiques to give a truly deep expression to the idea of community and to give the new collection a stronger contrast.

Behind the scenes of the fashion shows

Gucci not only offers special insights into the latest collections, looks and models, but also reveals the time-consuming preparations and minute details behind every show, video shoot and campaign. Because Gucci is not only synonymous with creativity, quality and innovation, but also with attention to detail, each project is executed by Gucci to the highest standards and is in line with the brand’s values. Each Gucci product represents the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and Gucci’s modern, innovative and progressive reinterpretations of fashion.

Elaborate preparations for the show

As he prepares for the Gucci Autumn-Winter 2020 Men’s Fashion Show, Alessandro Michele reflects on how to dress in complete freedom as a child, opposite filmmaker Yuri Ancarani. He recalls a beloved Prince Charming costume he wore for the carnival – an annual celebration in Italy with parades, music, dance and masquerade. The whims and details of the children’s clothes were woven through the collection on display at the Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan.

Backstage with the Hollywood elite

Fun, inclusive, liberated, liberal, hedonistic and uninhibited: the new #ComeAsYouAre_RSVP campaign is a party where everyone is invited and everyone has the opportunity to showcase themselves in their latest Gucci looks. Take a look behind the scenes – including Gucci Mane, Sienna Miller and Iggy Pop – as the Cruise 2020 campaign is being created.

Creating an inspiring campaign

Take a look at the set for the creation of the Gucci Showtime campaign with the 2019 Spring/Summer Collection by creative director Alessandro Michele. Discover and be inspired by the playful and crazy fashion of Gucci’s 2019 Spring/Summer Collection.