Really fragrant! Gucci Floral Perfumes: Flora, Bloom and Guilty

Gucci Beauty not only offers make-up products in seventies-inspired packaging, but also absolute fragrance classics that have already brought compliments to generations of women. With a bunch of famous advertising faces like Lana del Rey, Harry Styles and Florence Welch. The latter has an intimate relationship with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who also dressed them for the 2019 MET Gala.

I can smell you: emphasize your individual character with Gucci

How a perfume actually smells and works can definitely only be said after application to the skin, because depending on the pH, naturally present oils and so on determines how a fragrance smells. Even if two people wear the same fragrance, the basic notes may be similar, but the scent will never be exactly the same.

Which personal characteristic should the perfume underline? A suitable fragrance can be found according to this! Gucci offers you a selection of different fragrances that bring out the different sides of women!

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Gucci Guilty: Lilac and Pepper Plead Guilty

The perfume is probably the best known of the label. Since release, it has undergone minor changes from time to time, but these have not diminished the success. The ingredients of success are lilac, pink pepper and amber.

This creates a floral-sweet fragrance that can be worn unobtrusively in everyday life. It is rather delicate and gentle, harmonious but innocent floral.

Campaign: Lana del Rey and Jared Leto experience the sixties

Whether in the hair salon, supermarket or laundromat – it seems as if the two superstars have been put into a time machine and now explore the new world with which they are confronted. Including time appropriate clothes, hair and make-up.

Wear spring on your skin with Gucci Bloom

The floral-creamy perfume by Gucci brings a touch of oriental spice, but above all a heap of floral extravagance to the skin of the wearer. Jasmine, tuberose and rangoon slinger provide this extraordinary fragrance experience.

This combination ensures that the smell not only carries a concentrated load of flower, but is also rounded off by a touch of green. Still, some find it stale. You really have to like floral scents to get comfortable with this one.

Campaign: Florence Welch and Co. in Hippie Fever

Patchouli was actually the scent of the hippie movement. This controversial herbaceous-green fragrance component can still be found in perfumes today. Obviously, the fashion house does not seem to be a fan, because patchouli can not be found in Bloom. Nevertheless, the label tries to put the essence of the movement for peace and freedom into Bloom in a modernized way.

Flowers for the grand entrance: Flora by Gucci

In a costume or little black dress with a glass of champagne in her hand, that is the wearer of this perfume. Peony, osmanthus and sandalwood – this is how the Flora fragrance pyramid is composed. Lush florals warmed up by a woody complement. Seductive qualities are the spontaneous associations with the fragrance.

Campaign: balmy summer evening and a sea of flowers

Successful director Chris Cunningham specializes primarily in music videos, but also shoots mesmerizing commercials. No wonder Gucci hired the filmmaker to market Flora by Gucci.