Advertising Posters Top 10! The advertising agency classic for city centres

Advertising posters, the first and probably also simplest form of advertising. Whether on advertising pillars, on billboards or on suitable surfaces in public. You see them every day and many companies and firms advertise. On these for their products or services. The target group, which is addressed thereby is enormously large, however one cannot strew contents with poster advertisement purposefully, but shows it to everyone. The poster has its beginnings in the 18th century, when soldiers were recruited with illustrated posters. Since then, this medium has proven itself and is still one of the most popular ways to advertise. There are many different ways to design a poster and just as many individual posters exist to this day. Advertising posters are designed mainly by advertising agencies, no matter if in english or german, advertising posters have to sell. Today media agencies analyze designs and create them for companies but also for public institutions like schools. After the creation it goes of course also to the printing. There are numerous providers and companies for this. We have the most beautiful, best and funniest posters for you picked out and collected.

Photomontage: (c) by eyetronic / Model: (c)

Top 10 advertising posters from agencies on Instagram

Here we’ve rounded up the top 10 advertising posters from around the world for you.

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