Influencer Marketing Video Course: Definition, Campaign Planning, Analysis and Monitoring

Influencer Marketing – Our editor Stephan is not only responsible for our men’s blog, but is also a model agent, media manager and kind of everything. Over the weekend he recorded his new 2 hour tutorial: Becoming an Influencer, Becoming a Blogger… how does it work? How does influencer marketing work with agencies and companies? In the video, you can now learn how influencer marketing works for free – whether you’re a blogger yourself or work at an agency! In this new two-hour online course, you’ll learn how to fully and comprehensively plan advertising campaigns with bloggers. It goes from the initial definition to the use of software to the important questions that arise before a marketing campaign. Of course, the entire campaign creation is also part of it as well as the execution and contacting influencers. At the end of the free video tutorial we talk about the measurement of success in influencer marketing, the monitoring.

With Social Analytics, we wanted to launch a software that, for the first time, anyone can use to do influencer marketing on their own! No matter if it’s a small fashion company, a technical startup or an online shop for beauty products or travel. Influencer marketing can be used to reach target groups extremely accurately and more and more are enjoying the successes to be had with this new social media marketing method! With Social Analytics we now have the first complete influencer management for Instagram, with it you can find the perfect bloggers, plan campaigns but also measure the successes. Not only that, Social Analytics also comes with the Hashtag Analyzer, which searches millions of pieces of content for specific hashtags! Additionally, you can even support search engine optimization with the Toplist Generator, in which relevant content from Instagram is outputted one below the other in ready-made HTML code. All in one. Wow. But before we go deeper into the matter of blogger relations and influencer marketing, here is the tutorial by Stephan M. Czaja in 6 parts:

Best practice examples prove the success of influencer marketing

The first best practice examples prove how successful influencer marketing is. Especially the young target groups, 50% of the 14 to 19 year olds have ordered a product last year only because of the purchase recommendation of an influencer. But other target groups also trust the opinion of bloggers and influencers. 33% of 20 to 29 year olds bought a product based on the recommendation, as did 25% of 30 to 39 year olds. Influencer marketing is thus an extremely efficient method when it comes to advancing digital promotion for products and services. Learn with us for free how influencer marketing works and how to set up your first advertising campaign in social networks! With all the answers to the important questions around target audience, emotionalization, advertising form, strategy, method, contacting, briefing, talks, offers and monitoring. This is how influencer marketing works in 2018!

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