Social Analytics: The Influencer + Campaign Manager

For advertising agencies, fashion companies and many others, Influencer Marketing is the new, successful strategy to reach people. Especially Instagram is the focus of many. The right software does not exist. Large agencies, even international, are handling almost all of their influencer management through Excel spreadsheets. Extremely complex and time-consuming. Permanent updates, new engagement councils, postings … and in the evening an hour each channel is reviewed to see if new postings were made with customer mention. Consuming!

How would it be to have a tool that will manage all of the Influencer Management (search, find, analyze, categorize, etc.), bid management (Predicted Impressions, Unique Impressions, Likes, Comments, etc.) but also Campaign Management Analyzing groups, monitoring, etc.). Especially when different bloggers are involved, social media managers spend days with campaign preparation, execution and evaluation. Since we have many readers who work in advertising agencies, creative forge, or the colorful media world, we wanted to introduce you to Social Analytics for Instagram. The new and super exciting Top Social Media Software Tools for Influencer Management and Campaigns.

You will find the full article below the Youtube video tutorial!

Online tool for Influencer: Test and evaluation

We have looked at the practical online tool and once photographed and described everything important for you. Have fun while reading!

Video Tutorial: Social Analytics Influencer Marketing Tool

The search is for many agencies and social media managers the first step to find their own influencer. Influencer Agencies, which already have bloggers under contract, can read directly on “Influencer profile details”.

The search in the database goes by country, city, category, follower number (minimum, maximum) and price (minimum, maximum). So the tool helps smaller startups, for example for fashion, accessories, shoes and much more, the bloggers in Berlin but also big companies like international brands, the world’s influencer book. Depending on customer requirements the follower can be adjusted but also the prices.

Influencer search results with key facts

The search results are clearly arranged and show the most important data on the influencers (followers, media data and follows [persons followed by the influencer]). The selection always shows the milled influencers in the selected area.

Add Influencer as favorite

By clicking on the star you can add individual influencers to your network. In the Influencer Manager, they are then collected in a list. From here you can add Influencer to different groups, for example: “Fashion, Berlin, Women 50-500k”, “Fashion, Düsseldorf, Women 50-500k”, etc.

2. Influencer profile details with statistics

The Influencer Profile shows you all important and relevant data for each Influencer. In addition to the link to the Instagram profile, it contains the origin, the number of followers, media data and the following interest info at the beginning:

  • Rate estimation per posting
  • Commitment rate
    the number of followers is simplified by the number of interactions (Likes, Comments)
  • Average Likes per posting
  • Average comments per posting
    they help in assessing how many likes/comments will reach a posting

Pricing: Calculate campaign costs

In addition to the extremely important commitment rate factor, you can also directly get a price estimate for the influencer. Currently, the price calculator still refers to a posting, but in the future it should also be possible to calculate individual stories. More about the price-calculation is still in the Campaign Planner.

Statistics on recent postings

The statistics help with the provision of services for customers as well as the analysis of the influencer.

  • Likes/comments by post
  • Here you can see very beautiful, which photo/video contents are successful. When you move the mouse over the points, you can see the individual media.
    Follower Analysis
  • This diagram gives insights about the growth of the followers. Unusual activities, for example by buying fans, can be seen here simply by unusual excursions.
  • Media Analysis
  • In this graphic, you can see whether photos or videos, deleted or whether postings remain for a long time.

New photos and videos for visual assessment

In the visual assessment of the influencer, the latest photos and videos help.

Hashtags, location scout and marked Instagram channels

In this section, you will find all important information about the last hashtags, in order to be able to assess the direction in which the favored Instagrammer goes. The database provides a detailed view of the last sites of the blogger. Especially for travel and tourism companies, an important information regarding the target group or the fans.

Youtube Crossmedia Search

The integrated Social Media Wall shows finally all relevant Youtube videos of the blogger.

3. Campaign planners and groups

Agencies spend a lot of time managing and managing their influencers. So far, most agency processes are done in Excel tables. Individual employees spend an hour every day exploring all the channels to discover new photos and markers. Social Analytics brings together all tasks in the clear “Inlfuencer Manager”. This is where you can manage not only influencers, but you can also create campaigns. They give predictions to the impressions (total range), unique impressions but also predicted likes, comments and the total range, for campaigns with more than one influencer.

Groups analysis and statistics

In group analysis, all influencers are compared. The data is being traced backward, so new influencers in the network can be directly compared with the old ones. In this way, social media managers can make recommendations for customers, even for long-term projects. On the basis of the curves in the statistics, the reasons for the customer are also quickly traceable. Thus, offers are created in minutes.

Campaign report with prediction

The campaign report clearly shows all the relevant data of a campaign. If you create 3, 4 lists or campaigns, you can send the customer directly a selection of 3, 4 different scenarios. How do 3 Top Influencers behave in relation to 10 micro influencers? The report calculates all data independently. This saves you a lot of time not only in the search but also in the evaluation and presentation of influencers.

4. Hashtag Analyzer: Know everything

Do you want to know what happened to a particular hashtag? Whether (as in this example) fashion, food or even jewelry and cars. With the hashtag analyzer, you can quickly and easily find influencers that have already interacted with your own brand. Another big advantage is the analysis of hashtags of the competition. How often will it be how many people talk about it? The same function can of course also be used perfectly for own hashtags. In the analyzer, even entire campaigns can be monitored.

Top 100 Influencer on Instagram

Here you have the chance to discover Influencer! Brands that have already worked with influencers before, can see, whether other bloggers of the brand were convinced. If you do not have your own influencer marketing yet, you can see here for the first time all important people who have interacted with their own brand or hashtag. Where is the advantage? Bloggers who already like their own brand are easier to activate for the brand and they will bring the brand or the product much more authentic and comprehensive.

Top 100 photos, videos and media

The top 100 shows the most successful postings of bloggers. This tool allows you to find successful media on the one hand, but it can also be used just as well to make successful campaigns. Which influencer has got the most likes with which photo? How many comments have individual influencers achieved? All these questions are answered in a clear manner.

Hashtag campaign data and charts

If you are already planning more extensive social media campaigns, the statistic analysis will love. Depending on the package, the tool crawls the entire database to find any ever-posted postings. This allows the entire chronicle to be recorded, not just for days, but for weeks, months and years. This allows entire companies to be analyzed and their successes of postings. This data is also valuable to customers because they contain valuable information on campaign flow and progress.

Conclusion: Social Analytics Influencer + Campaign Manager

As the world’s first tool, Social Analytics provides deep insights and enables the comparison of influencers for targeted and fast supply creation. The subsequent campaigning tools for evaluating and evaluating social media actions allow agencies to collect and collect relevant data for campaigns as quickly as possible. The report is quickly created and can be sent to the customer via PDF. The tool is currently running in the beta phase until the end of 2017.

Find out more about Social Analytics here Influencer + Campaign Manager.